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Planning Application: 120 Stanstead Road
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14-05-2012 10:04 AM

Domino's have submitted an application for 120 Stanstead Road following their unsuccessful application for the Old Bank in Honor Oak Park.

Good news for all those Dominos fans and a good indication that Dominos have given up on the Old Bank.

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14-05-2012 10:21 AM

Poor Mamma's Pizza...that's opposite their business I believe?

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20-05-2012 08:20 AM

I'm really against it, personally.

There are already a number of fast food places directly opposite, and a Pizza Hut delivery place five minutes up the road in Forest Hill - so there's certainly no need for it. If people want good pizza, there's also the pizza guy who comes to the Railway Telegraph.

The delivery scooters will be noisy, and a large franchise could drive the smaller, local, already established places out of business.

What is really needed in that location is a decent shop where we can buy fresh fruit and veg. The other shops along that road are pretty good at being off licences and news agents, but their stock of fruit and veg is very sparse.

Here's the link to the planning application - please read, and if you agree with me, submit a protest:

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20-05-2012 08:52 AM

Im for it. Another unused shop being brought bk into use is good news..

Democracy is a real pain when nothing is ever allowed to get done due to local opposition. A fresh fruit and veg shop isn't going to happen..not in that location...[/align]

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20-05-2012 10:00 AM

While it would, of course, be a disappointment to nearby fast food businesses, it is a far better location than the previous proposal at the Old Bank in Honor Oak. I honestly think you can't complain about noisy sccoters given the existing level of traffic on the South Circular. I think that Domino's will be successful this time.

I'm just intrigued that this unit is again an older/Victorian/Edwardian property, rather than a modern building. It seems to be something that Dominos are targetting. I would have thought the old Angle bar opposite the Jenner would have been ideal for them (and next to a bike shop!).

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21-05-2012 04:02 PM

But not good news for anyone living or working near by.... This area of Forest Hill already has enough fast food outlets. It will create more litter and late night noise, not to mention the hazard of scooters. The parade of shops needs something different that can be useful to the local community. The Milan Newsagents has revamped inside and out and is really lifting the street. No. 120 is a lovely Victorian shop front and has a great history. What a shame to sacrifice it to a conglomerate pizza franchise. A local greengrocers (there used to be one at Tops Tiles many years ago), a charity shop, a bookshop/coffee shop or a hardware store would be more useful, or something that caters for local families, there are a lot nearby. I am sorry you feel that Stanstead Road should accept what was clearly rejected by Honor Oak. There are plenty of people living on Stanstead Road who dearly wish and try to improve the area and care greatly about what happens here.

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22-05-2012 07:39 AM

It is a better site than the old bank from a main road point of view and lots of parking out the back but I agree it is a shame as it is a lovely victorian building that could be put to better use. The rent on this is 14 half the price of the old bank, just shows how greedy some landlords are.

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22-05-2012 08:52 AM

I'm interested to hear other people's thoughts about the planning application for a new Dominos on Stanstead Road. I live just off this road and am not overly happy about it as there is already a pizza takeaway service across the road (Mamma's) as well as numerous takeaways in the area.
Don't really want to have to walk past another smelly takeaway place but i do think it would be good for the area to have buildings in use rather than left empty.

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22-05-2012 09:32 AM

The problem with that unit is working out what kind of business would work there. If you were investing your own money in a business there what would you feel most confident with? The business that has recently vacated it seemed a good fit as it was 'niche' with a small amount of parking to the rear (I presume) so people could/would travel there by car. I wouldn't feel confident relying on the natural footfall or custom from the very local area for a type of business that is already provided for elsewhere.

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29-05-2012 08:44 PM

I only found out because someone knocked on the door to tell me. Apparently it's much further along the process so if you are concerned, please email your councillors now!

It's already impossible to use one side of the road at that stretch at certain times of the day because of all the vans parked at the plumbing suppliers. Now we'd have scooters parked / zipping back & forth on the other pavement. Anyone who needs to negotiate it with a buggy / small children should be worried. I suspect some of the connecting roads nearby are going to become trickier traffic wise as well.

If someone has a copy of the letter with planning legislation details on it electronically please could you post it so others can also voice their concerns?

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29-05-2012 10:00 PM

I dont really like Dominos and have never considered buying a pizza from them but I dont really understand why they are being chased out of town epecially if they are looking at taking properties that have fallen empty. An active business is better for the future of a high street than one which is constantly empty. Economic theory would suggest that higher order uses can move in when the demand for those products is there but its much harder to progress economically when there is nothing there in the first place. If they are looking at the place opposite the Dewaniam on Stanstead Road then that is surely a less offensive location for them. They are very much on their own down there and at less risk of upsetting anyone.

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29-05-2012 10:14 PM

"They are very much on their own down there and at less risk of upsetting anyone."

Apart from the people who live nearby. Unless we don't count?

As has been pointed out, not sure why this end of Forest Hill can't hope for some of the businesses that are moving in to the town centre. Don't worry, we know we're not the posh end of town, but we'd like to hope!

The premises haven't been vacant for that long either ..

I don't want to get in to an argument, but I do find it disappointing how all the aspiration is for one end of town.

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30-05-2012 07:57 PM

"They are very much on their own down there and at less risk of upsetting anyone."
Its come to a pretty pass if snobbery has now reached Forest Hill....

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30-05-2012 09:12 PM

I love how "transport/traffic issues" are always used as a viable excuse for snobbery! Wink

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30-05-2012 09:59 PM

As someone who has lived in Forest Hill since 1957 may I assure you that snobbery has not just come to Forest Hill.

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30-05-2012 10:18 PM

However the planning system isnt just all about giving local people their aspirations. It is about balance and fairness and like it or not, firms like Dominos have a right to access that system for their own commercial reasons and to be treated fairly. If they fail to secure planning here then that should be on its own lack of merit, and failure to address or comply with material planning considerations. not because they dont attract the right sort of clientele. If it gets approval for change of use that should increase its value and could pave the way for other different restaurant/catering uses that could some day deliver the restaurant of peoples dreams. The point I am making is that empty properties dont do anything for any local economy. A less desirable use is a step in the right direction at least. But I dont understand why Dominos should be considered any differently than the pizza place on the other side of the road. If anything it could encourage people to go out in that area. Forest Hill, has a wide range of businesses. It has the well renowned Canvas and Cream but it also has Cheeky Chicken take away places, a Pizza Hut take away ( with bikes) a Dominoes ( I think) a gaudy bargain basement which I actually think is really cool but then I would , as I have no taste according to some on this website, but the important factor of all these businesses is that they give people a reason to go out and spend money in the town centre. If you go to Lordship Lane you will find Tandoori Nights and Frankins amidst the cheaper sorts of eateries. I think thats what makes for a truly mixed and successful community with viable businesses that last for considerable time.

Ive lived here since 1985. Its always been 'aspiring'. I wouldnt call it snobbish however I have been hearing the same aspirations and the same criticisms and the same challenges since that time. I suspect that aspiring is good and the best state of affairs. If you get to where you are going it can only go down hill from there.

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31-05-2012 07:51 AM

I'm not convinced this is a 'better' location than the Old Bank.

That section of the South Circular is by a quite precarious bend - and I'm not convinced that it will be particularly helpful to safety or traffic flow to have motorbikes trying to turn right onto the South Circular from outside this shop (or the side alley next to it). Are they planning to also have parking spaces on the forecourt for people wishing to collect? This would compound these problems -but the alternative is cars stopping on Stanstead Road itself which is equally bad!

Being directly opposite an established business selling equivalent products, and in an area already well served by a number of pizza delivery chains (including Catford) suggests that rather than 'creating' new business, a Domino's would probably just lead to substitution sales which would probably otherwise go to the existing local businesses. So lower margins for everyone, including Domino's in Catford!

There are far better locations in this area with greater footfall, fewer road challenges and less immediate competition from other pizza businesses. Units by the station, Kirkdale and Perry Rise all spring to mind!

I understand that some may feel it's more acceptable for residents already living with traffic noise to have a bit more, but I don't really see why it's acceptable for residents of Colfe road to have this extra noise but not those who live on Grierson road!

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31-05-2012 11:10 AM

If they dare to start short cutting through Beadnell/Garthorne or Devonshire Rds at 11pm with their noisy little scooters then I'll start throwing dough balls at them. Perhaps the new Sainsbury's in HOP will give local residents a 10% discount on their garlic & herb packs of 20?

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31-05-2012 11:29 AM

Transport plan has been added to the application. Predicting a maximum of 1 moped crossing the pavement per minute at peak times (7-8pm). That sounds like it will be close to constant noise of moped for the neighbours during the evenings.

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01-06-2012 06:45 AM

Page 11 Domino's Transport Management Statement For Proposed Site : Predicted Average Motorcycle Movement equates to 395 Per Day x 7 x 52 = 143,780 extra vehicular movements crossing over South Circular and Pavement at that junction per year.

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