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TfL Consultation - Stanstead Road/Brockley Rise/Cranston Road juntion
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05-02-2016 07:17 AM

A proposal for junction improvements here:

Previously discussed on this forum. The arm of the crossing across Brockley Rise will be signalised for pedestrians (currently not), but the arm to the West side of the junction on Stanstead Road doesn't seem to be. It looks to me that on the Westbound side of that arm, there may not be a pedestrian phase at all. Eastbound, there will be a red-light phase (as at present), but no green man for the pedestrians.

This doesn't seem sensible, as the Western side of that junction is on the same side as Dalmain School.

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05-02-2016 08:15 AM

I think you have to consider that there is a pedestrian controlled crossing just west of the fire station, so most pedestrians coming from the west have an opportunity to cross the south circular at this point.

The changes should make the crossing safer particularly since it is crossing Brockley Rise that I have always found most difficult to ascertain where cars were coming from (the sight-lines crossing the south circular are much better). So I'm glad that something is being done here, and wish they would do something to improve the pedestrian crossing in the centre of Forest Hill.

Having said all that, I think you make a valid point. If there is to be pedestrian signals on the east of the junction, why not do the same on the west? But this is a consultation, so I'm sure if you provide your feedback they will take this into consideration when finalising the scheme.

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07-02-2016 11:46 AM

I have submitted an objection, I would encourage other forum users to review this consultation and submit their comments.

I have no comments on the elements of the proposal that refer to loading bays. I only wish to comment on the pedestrian crossing arrangements.

I object to the proposal as it stands, because the Western arm of the crossing across Stanstead Road appears to be unsignalled for pedestrians. I can see that those wishing to cross the Eastbound lane will have a traffic lighted red phase to utilise, but with no associated Green Man. However, when crossing the Wesbound lane, I don't see that there will be an identified traffic lighted red phase, as this lane will alternate between traffic turning right from Brockley Rise, traffic turning left from Cranston Road and traffic proceeding straight ahead from Stanstead Road (Westbound). This will require the pedestrian to observe the traffic and pick a suitable moment. Not an easy task on a busy TfL trunk route.

It should also be noted that the offending arm of the crossing is on the same side as Dalmain School, less that 200 metres away. A person wishing to cross Stanstead Road to go to/from the school on protected Green Man pedestrian phases, will have to cross the other three arms to achieve this. Many adults won't bother and small children won't see the logic.

All arms of this crossing should have Green Man phases for pedestrians. If this is to the detriment of the traffic flow, I believe that this should be accepted.

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