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Traffic Cameras on Stanstead Road
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04-02-2015 02:19 PM

Bah! Have received a PCN for accidentally parking for 2 minutes in the parking bay outside Stanstead Road post office outside the allocated parking hours Sad
Genuine mistake - I knew the parking was from 10am, I thought the time was past 10am (didn't have the time on me), went into the post office, realised (big clock on the wall!) it was in fact 9.45, quickly went and moved the car to one of the side streets, returned to the post office to post my parcels. Must have been parked for 2 minutes but unfortunately that was long enough for the traffic camera further down the road to capture me.
Ho hum we live and learn, I will be more careful next time. Anyway just thought I'd warn others to be careful on that bit of road!

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04-02-2015 03:45 PM

Had a similar issue outside the Weatherspoons but appealed the ticket and won. Worth pleading for clemency.

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Posts: 221
Joined: Jan 2007
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04-02-2015 04:18 PM

Thanks, I might try but don't have much hope. It wasn't like I had parked there for half an hour, but it was my own fault I admit for not having a watch on me. You'd have thought they would give a few minutes grace though!

The frustrating thing is that I know these regulations are brought it to keep the road clear, but the road was empty, as it often is late morning - I think the busiest time for that bit of road is 2pm onwards, but the parking is allowed until 4pm.

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04-02-2015 05:18 PM

I got caught on the same one Jane, lost track of time and thought I was within the allowed parking times, and popped in the post office.
I actually joked with TfL on Twitter at the time for catching me so swiftly. Like yourself, I knew I was in the wrong, so paid up.

That said, I got a ticket in Bromley over turned after a year fighting with them, for poor signage etc.

Totally agree, the timings for some of these things don't seem to fit the road. But like bus lanes, there are a few groupings of timing to make things a little more standard. Not sure which is better, different times for each location, or simplicity of knowing it will be one of a few timings. Confused

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04-02-2015 06:21 PM

Like Snazy I have been caught on that one but after the 4.00pm deadline, because the queue in the PO took a lot longer than expected. And you can't deny it when you see the photo of yourself driving your car, number plate visible and all.
Please watch out if you stop outside because there is a loading bay as well as a short-stay parking area in off-peak times, and apparently the cameras can get you if you are not actually loading.
Better to park in Ravensbourne Road around the corner where you can hide from the camera!

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Joined: Jan 2007
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05-02-2015 11:43 AM

Yes I won't be parking there again, Ravensbourne is probably better - I do park in Carholme but its a bit of a nightmare trying to get across the south circular.

That camera will also catch you if you stop in the yellow box just past the post office (going towards Catford) - fortunately that's not happened to me but be warned!

I just wish that instead of focusing on a parking space that doesn't really make much difference to the south circular, they would instead fine the cars who every single day park on double yellows, on zig zags, on crossings, and in front of fire gates outside my kids school, not to mention those who drive far too fast past the school, making life difficult and dangerous for those of us who walk to school.... but I guess having someone in an office searching through camera photos for any contravention is far cheaper than having someone actually on the street giving fines....

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