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Kids on motorbikes on blythe hill fields
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17-02-2013 10:50 PM

today i was walking with my baby on blythe hill fields and a group of kids on motorbikes were tearing up and down the grass and riding on the paths really fast. I've got to be honest, as well as being annoyed at how noisy it was, it was also pretty scary. has this happened before?

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18-02-2013 10:18 AM

were they 'miniature' bikes? We've got the same problem around crofton park.

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19-02-2013 06:56 PM

Hi there,

Same thing today in cemetery (camber well new cemetery and honor oak park). Was walking my baby and two kids on a mini motorbike sped past. They were quite big teenagers definitely not kids. One black and one white wearing hoodies. I was disgusted.

I was scared as cars were on the road. I was also really disgusted as people were grieving at the graveside while these kids tore up the place.

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19-02-2013 09:33 PM

I'm sure it's the same bunch of kids. There will be an accident soon and i feel sorry for the victim as I doubt the bikes are insured

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20-02-2013 11:16 AM

I heard this on BHF at the weekend and then saw one of those miniature bikes with two teenage lads on it careering down Honor Oak Park from One Tree Hill and scorching down the high street bit of Honor Oak Park towards Stondon Park.

Agreed - an accident waiting to happen I'm afraid. Is there anything one can do? I pondered reporting it but what can the police do? I didn't get a reg plate - not even sure it's got one.

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28-02-2013 06:24 PM

Have spoken to police - they are aware of it and are in process of 'dealing' with 1 of them. Anyone with photos or wanting to register complaint can contact crofton park office


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28-02-2013 08:10 PM

Antisocial behaviour in Blythe Hill Fields has been a problem for at least the 21 years I've lived here and probably long before.

My garden backs onto the fields, close to the playground. As the lighter and warmer evenings arrive, the playground area will be full of yobs from around 9pm every night, until the early hours. From my house, I hear them screaming, fighting, swearing, throwing bottles and (sometimes) fireworks, antagonising fighting breed dogs and often, vandalising and abusing the play equipment (the sound of chains rasping against the swing posts for hours is infuriating) and the smell of drugs wafting down is clear.

The motorbikes are a relatively new thing, perhaps for the past five years or so. Once, I managed to knock a motorcycle rider off his machine as I was walking through the fields. Unfortunately, he got back on it and rode off. On another occasion, the police were trying to catch one and I had a go at knocking him off too but failed. So did they.

I have reported this behaviour time and time again to the police, with little or no result. There's plenty they could have done over the years but haven't. It's an every night thing in the Summer, it's not like the police would have a wasted trip. On nearby streets - Montem Road, Stanstead Road (around the tacky shops at the bottom of Ravensbourne Road) the police have applied for and been given Dispersal Zones, but to the best of my knowledge, they've never done it for Blythe Hill Fields.

Clearly, after 21 years, the problem has moved through several "generations" of kids (yobs), but it's a favourite haunt of the scumbag class and the police really could have done something about it long ago, if they had wanted to. I know I'm not the only resident to have contacted them.

On one occasion, I was torn off a strip by a police officer on the telephone (not a civilian, I did check) at Catford Police Station, who told me that on a Friday night, they had better things to do and didn't appreciate my call. I reminded her that my duty as a citizen was to report crime. Whether they had the resources to deal with it was a matter for them and even if they weren't able to attend, a "thank you for your call" would have been the appropriate response. Upon reviewing the recording of the telephone call, an Inspector at Catford agreed with me and promised to have firm words with the officer who made the comments, but sadly that's indicative of the attitude we can expect when reporting the type of minor but very irritating crime that goes on up there, every Summer.

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02-03-2013 12:56 PM

I had a visit from Crofton Park Safer Neighbourhoods team advising on security after the recent spate of burglaries. I spoke to the officer about this issue. I have been informed that one of the teens involved is known to them and has been cautioned. The identity of the other teen is still unknown. If anyone sees them again please report immediately to the Crofton Park team 020 8721 2485 - if possible take photos for evidence.

On a positive note the Crofton Park ward has the lowest level of crime in Lewisham apparently, which is positive. They recently caught the teens involved with the phone thefts around HOP station and do a lot of work in the area trying to prevent crime. Sadly they do not directly post on here in terms of successes - but Lewisham police do which is worth following.

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08-03-2013 04:34 PM

The bike is a right beaten up old thing, low to the ground, noisy and black - two of them on it. They nearly got killed on Gladiator Street Tuesday evening. Picture this - it's night time, the two boys are in black and the bike's black. Recipe for big accident. Car swept round and nearly hit them. Phoned police, no answer from them at all.

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08-03-2013 07:11 PM

Think Crofton safer neighbourhood team number is office hours. Still worth reporting this, they are logging everything. I only hope that they get stopped in their tracks and the bike is confiscated, which the PC i spoke to said would happen if they are caught redhanded.

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