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Fairlawn School takes part in Healthy Eating Week with Sainsbury’s Forest Hill
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02-07-2012 11:10 AM

On Thursday 5th July, Andy Tipple from Sainsbury’s Forest Hill will be making a special visit to Fairlawn School to help pupils understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

On the day, Andy will be presenting a healthy eating presentation to the children and completing an activity aimed to get them thinking about healthy eating. The children will also be sampling a variety of fruits donated by the store and giving out leaflets to help in promoting a healthy diet.
Sainsbury’s Forest Hill Store Manager Mike Miller said: “Our team are really looking forward to visiting the school and helping educate pupils on the important of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially with regards to healthy eating.”

Emma Phillips from the school said “We are really pleased at Fairlawn Primary that a local supermarket is helping us promote the importance of healthy eating during our Health Week”.

For more information please contact Ruth Musetti at Sainsbury’s Forest Hill.

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02-07-2012 03:59 PM

I think its generally a good thing to do however I feel that the store itself has a lot to learn and demonstrate in respect of appropriate storage of food which it might want to consider in any presentation or promotion of 'healthy eating. As a parent of a Fairlawn child therefore I think Sainsburys own house should be put in order before going out and spreading the word amongst local schoolchildren. I can think of three fairly recent examples which are less than 'healthy' but more likely to put the consumer into hospital and which I have had to point out to the store staff,some who didnt really get the point;

1) When an ice cream freezer fails, please do not empty the icecream into the cold store room where the products defrost overnight and then put them back into the freezer the next day to refreeze.Many of these products do carry do not refreeze wordings and many contain dairy products. These are not meant to be defrosted and frozen again.

2)When putting out raspberries for sale, please check to see whether the entire stock is covered entirely thick with blue fungus,and dont wait for a customer to point it out. We were not talking about a few here, we were talking about your entire stock of raspberries around 20 punnets some time in early 2012. Taste the Difference .Indeed.
Photos to follow when I can work out how to put them on here.

3) Its not a good idea to put frozen prawns in the unfrozen prawns section of the store. These were prawns that were meant to be defrosted under controlled conditions before sale,and not in someones frying pan. They were frozen solid.Someone, just as I nearly did, will come along,unwittingly buy them to chuck into a stirfry that evening and most probably end up in hospital. Trying to explain the subtle difference to the staff on duty fell on deaf ears it would seem.

I wont mention the putrid chicken returned so many times to Bell Green, as that is a different store,albeit one with food storage issues of its own but Ive had to do that on around 5 occasions in the last 3 years.

I'm as committed to the health of local people as you claim to be, so please Sainsburys, try and take a leaf out of your own book, follow food storage guidance, train your staff, and develop some reliable way of monitoring the quality of what is being put out for sale.

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02-07-2012 04:36 PM

I don't think Sainsburys mean avoiding food poisoning when they talk of healthy eating.
They mean avoiding the fizzy drinks, sweets and cakes, Glucose-Fructose Syrup laced convenience foods, alcohol, and similar products they promote.

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03-07-2012 10:17 AM

How ironic.

I suppose one cannot blame Sainsbury's when gifted such a golden marketing opportunity.

The mind boggles. I wonder why the teachers can't promote healthy eating? Will they get McDonalds in next?

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04-07-2012 08:24 PM

I actually think its a good idea and would have thought nothing of it had I not had a few bad experiences of our local shop which makes me think they should get their own house in order first.

I dont think Sainsburys really needs marketing around here as there is little competition so not really sure what they would achieve that wouldnt come to them already.

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05-07-2012 09:44 AM

I don't think that is the point Roz. As Perryman points out, Sainsbury's (in common with most supermarkets), make a great effort promoting the alternative in-store.

If you are teaching the very young about healthy eating then an association with a healthy eating concept is very powerful indeed. Bear in mind that if this was an ad on CITV say, then advertising standards would probably get involved. I would argue that a plug from your primary school teacher is much more persuasive than this and schools should tread carefully in this regard.

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05-07-2012 10:12 PM

I happen to think it is great that a local store and a local school partner up in this way. Good for them. My kids go to Sainsburys from Eliot Bank School on school trips for the same purpose. Sainsburys also sell junk food. That doesn't mean they shouldn't promote healthy eating. I thought Roz's response to sainsburys efforts sounded a bit ungrateful. They don't have to do this. Let's welcome them when they make an effort to engage with our community.

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