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Con couple trying to steal from unlocked cars (Garthorne & surrounding streets)
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15-08-2017 02:46 PM

I just thought I'd put this on here first, not sure if I should report to the police, as I am unsure if anyone actually reported property stolen.

There is a con-couple walking through Garthorne Road and surrounding streets trying to steal from parked cars eves/at night. They seem to have used the same sort of tactics every time, he walks on one side of he road, talking very loudly into his mobile phone (to distract and I guess watch out for people observing them), whilst she walks on the other side, trying every single car to see if they are locked. The ones that are unlocked, she calmly gets into and has a good rummage. Didn't suspect anything before until I saw them do the whole routine last night.

Earlier last week, I found my car had been rummaged through and the contents of side pockets and storage compartment had been dumped on the seats. I didn't report it as nothing had been stolen (there were no valuables in the car) and, err, I felt pretty stupid, assuming that I had forgotten to lock the car.

Then at the end of last week, walking back from HOP station, I noticed a woman walking towards me, checking the side door of a family SUV and, when I looked at her, she loudly shouted "no it's locked" to a man walking on the other side of the street, as if to say it's fine, it's all locked, we can leave. That would seem totally normal and I wouldn't have given it a second thought, if she hadn't looked quite haggard, and he just kept on walking, they just didn't quite look like they had just parked a large SUV. Thought it was a bit weird but was in a hurry so didn't think about it again. This was in broad daylight, early evening.

Last night, reading with the windows open, someone was walking past shouting into his mobile so I got up to close the window and it looked like the same couple. She walked past and then tried the door of every car on her side, down Garthorne Road whilst he kept shouting into the phone. Some way further down, she found an open car (think a silver car, one the tracks side of Garthorne, did anyone have stuff stolen last night?) and calmly got in. He stayed on the opposite side, watching out for people coming down the street, but it was after 11pm so few people were around. When she was done with the car, they both went down Whatman Road. (all sadly very smooth and quick)

Didn't get a close look but they're probably both in their 20s or 30s, white, slim, the woman is very slender, grey jeans and greyish hoodie, the man had dark hair dark top.

Probably a good idea to double check your cars when leaving, it looks like they might be doing that little routine on a very regular basis.

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15-08-2017 05:00 PM

I know someone in Grierson had some CDs stolen from a car, assumed left unlocked overnight. Sounds like the right MO.

It seems to be opportunistic - remember to lock your car up. And if you see them, report them to the police.

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16-08-2017 09:13 PM

It's quite common for thieves to try car doors. I was going back to my car one day when I saw two people near it. A bystander told me that they walk along the road looking into parked cars to see if there is anything worth stealing.

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