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Pavement closed on London Road by Honor Oak Rd risk
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12-04-2015 10:39 PM

Since the paving work commenced on London Road at the junction with Honor Oak Road, pedestrians have been playing Russian roulette walking on the very busy section of road at the tight curve, some with children and buggies instead of crossing the road at the lights and then recrossing at the traffic island by Esso/Tesco Express to reach Hornimans.

How long can we expect TfL to keep this section of pavement closed and no alternative signs have been added so people can use the alternative route?

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13-04-2015 08:21 AM

I complained about the arrangements during the first phase of the works, when pedestrians were being directed to walk through the petrol station forecourt amongst all the moving vehicles. After taking a month to investigate I got this response from TfL:

"Thank you for your email of March 10, regarding the arrangements for pedestrians during the works at the above site. We at Transport for London (TfL) have noted your comments, and the engineers who are overseeing the scheme in question have investigated your concerns.

"However, I have to report that the engineers are satisfied that the traffic management arrangements that have been in place are compliant with safety standards, and pose no risk to pedestrians. Naturally we regret the inconvenience that the works have inevitably entailed both to road-users and pedestrians, but do not believe that they have placed anyone in any danger."

Complete rubbish I'm sure you'll agree. Sadly another example of TfL's disdain for pedestrians.

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13-04-2015 01:49 PM

I have to agree, the temporary solution of crossing at the crossing lower down, then at the informal crossing by the Esso is not a safe long term solution, especially for the high foot fall of the area.

Appears there is a leak of some kind under the last piece of paving they are doing, hence the delay.

Needs sorting though.

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13-04-2015 01:50 PM

Some people are just stupid and lazy. The signs on the weekend clearly pointed to cross the road and go up the other side. Instead they just preferred to walk around the barriers and on to the road with buggies etc.

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13-04-2015 10:54 PM

That's a bit harsh. I think in most cases people probably missed the signed route and found themselves in that position. The fact that people are doing this with kids and buggies in tow strongly suggests that. You wouldn't stand there with a buggy, weigh up the two options, and say "forget that, I'll just walk on the South Circular."

As for people being lazy, TfL wouldn't dream of providing a barrier protected route on the carriageway because it might inconvenience the good folks in their cars. We should also remember that although the ultimate aim of these works is to improve this dangerous junction for pedestrians, TfL have refused to put in a signalised pedestrian crossing. Why? Because it would affect the flow of automobiles.

I'm not anti-car (I own and use one), but TfL need to seriously get a grip and prioritise safety and flow of people over flow of vehicles.

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15-04-2015 11:51 AM

Does anybody know when the pavement will re-open? It seems to be taking a very long time to re-pave. Probably the only good result is that we may have the full width of the pavement to use, from HOR towards FH.

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15-04-2015 04:20 PM

The pavement has partially reopened, leaving a short section closed where people are still walking on the main road.

Two men were working on the closed section this afternoon.

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16-04-2015 07:19 PM

The pavement has partially reopened, leaving a short section closed where people are still walking on the main road.

Yes, as I drove down this morning there was a woman with a buggy remonstrating with a workman as she'd got to the short closed bit.

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17-04-2015 10:31 AM

It looks almost finished to me when I walked past at 9am this morning.

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