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Road humps or traffic calming bumps etc
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Joined: May 2013
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11-05-2014 12:15 PM

Whilst in favour of making our roads safer and restricting vehicle speeds etc I have a rant that my economic and greenish Smart car suffers from the humps. Almost all other cars can drive over without any passenger disruption or reduction in speed. I also have access to a nissan micra which can negotiate the humps without problems and same for a mercedes, focus, and peugeot 206.
So whta have the council got against Smart cars as I have hybrid drive and lower emmisions than all but electric cars. If you are behind me you will just have to slow down Thumbsup Rant over!,

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11-05-2014 07:06 PM

In the absence of any effective traffic calming measures,
it seems you are single-handedly doing your bit to make FH a safer neighbourhood.
Well done wynell!

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13-05-2014 12:49 PM

Having driven a Smart car over traffic calming measures of various kinds I agree that they do not deal with them at all well. In fact I recall that some humps induce the feeling that it is going down a steep hill. One of the disadvantages of a very short wheelbase?

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13-05-2014 01:01 PM

It doesn't bother me too much in my Smart, I have got used to the ones you need to really slow for, but most are a little thump. Short wheelbase and narrow track is the problem.
Noticeable difference when im using the 5 series though.

If you drive regular routes, you usually remember what to do at each one Thumbup

That said, I still hate watching cars come down my road acting like its a slalom to use the fastest and comfiest route over said cushions.

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Posts: 46
Joined: May 2013
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13-06-2014 08:24 PM

Thanks for all the amusing comments....still makes me think the humps are useless if only Smart drivers have to slow down to negotiate them!
We thought that losing 7.8litres of cars was our contribution to a greener future when we moved here. Next car will be a Tesla hopefully with a wider track ...if you cant beat them run over them Laugh

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16-06-2014 09:27 AM

Perhaps we could start a directory of the biggest speed bumps in the local area. There used to be a massive one at the top of Sunderland Road, but they smoothed it out. The ones between East Dulwich and Dulwich all seem to be huge - Court Road and Townley Road in particular. Knocked a hole in my sump on one of the latter, I think Sad

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