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Disposal of DIY Waste
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02-03-2014 12:32 PM

I just went to the Deptford tip which is now a Recycling and Reuse centre so they only accepted the bathroom tiles which I had removed as a "one off favour". They have my number plate, so I can't go fro a "one off favour" again and I don't fly tip.

So what do other people do with their DIY waste?

Ps I think this policy encourages fly tippers, about a year ago, someone dumped two toilets and rubble outside my house, which the council then had to come and collect.

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02-03-2014 01:57 PM

This is what Lewisham's site says

Lewisham Council Landmann Road

It's not that helpful but Kensington & Chelsea's site says

Kensington and Chelsea Refuse

So it's not Lewisham's policy but the law. If you are generating a lot of waste then you'll have to pay to have it removed.

Fly-tipping is a problem in the area and it is a criminal offence

Fly tipping

and yes the council and the police should do more about it but that doesn't mean that people who generate significant amounts of waste shouldn't have to bear the responsibility of disposing on it rather than assuming the council (and council tax payer) has to do it for them.

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02-03-2014 03:02 PM

I notice the Ken & Chels link states that they accept small quantities of DIY waste (car load) which is basically what I had. In the past (probably dim and distant) the rates / council tax did cover cost of household DIY waste, obviously times move on.

By having no provision for small quantities they do encourage illegal dumping.

The question does remain, as originally asked, what do people do with their waste?

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02-03-2014 10:04 PM

Aside from the obvious answer of hiring a skip I have successfully used broken tiles, bricks etc. type diy waste as hardcore in various garden projects thus removing the need to dispose of it. Needs a little co-ordination of projects but is a neat solution.

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03-03-2014 11:04 AM

The policy is counterproductive IMO. It just means DIY waste goes into bins.

I save mine up and pay for disposal but I can't see the average person holding on to small quantities of offcuts, empty paint tins, tile fragments, etc.

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03-03-2014 12:21 PM

Been looking into this myself, having recently paid through the nose for private waste collection.

Pertinent section : "Bromley residents will be charged if they want to dispose of soil, brick, rubble, DIY and construction waste according to the weight. Currently, the minimum charge is 20 and vehicles will need to use the weighbridge for an exact price. Users not living within the borough will be charged 3 per visit."

I've not tried this yet so i'm not sure about the weighing - but I still think it'll cost less that what waste collection companies charge..

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04-03-2014 02:30 PM

I save all the unaccepted stuff up these days and use a Hippo Bag once I have enough to get rid of.
Does seem a complete minefield these days trying to get rid of some things. Just booked in a 'large item' collection from Lewisham, which in fairness isnt too bad, but still restricted to what they take..

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06-03-2014 01:56 PM

Indeed, some waste collection companies charge more than the job seems to require. I've been robbed by a private waste collector, too. But I should also say that there are companies that do a great job at a reasonable price. However, I guess you are right saying that driving your waste to the resue and recycling centre in Bromely will cost less than hiring a waste collection company.

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