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Blythe Hill Fields
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08-03-2008 01:29 PM

The Friends of Blythe Hill Fields (formerly Blythe Hill Fields Users Group) have been given a small pot of funding by Lewisham Council to have a festival on the fields on the 28th June. We are looking for stallholders, artists, musicians, performers, workshop leaders, cake-makers, food growers and people of all kinds who can help us to showcase the creativity and diversity of the community around Blythe Hill Fields.
If you live or work locally and would like to get involved then please contact me at
Also, if you have any ideas about what you would like to see at the festival, or any useful contacts then please let me know.
This forum seems to know everybody so please get in touch and help us make this event a real success!!
Thanks alot
Molly Bertrand

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08-03-2008 04:54 PM

A Roman legion marching. There is a Roman road in the park.

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10-03-2008 11:27 AM

I sing with Lewisham Choral Society, and although that's only a week before our big summer concert we might be able to provide some singers for a stint - the Chair is Brenda Scanlan and her phone number is on the Society website, or you can email via the website which is I'll also mention it at the next rehearsal.

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10-03-2008 07:02 PM

That sounds great - just the sort of thing we are after. I will follow it up. Thanks alot, Molly

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30-06-2008 03:16 PM

Anyone else make it to the Blythe Hill Fields festival on Saturday? It was pretty well attended I thought and was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

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30-06-2008 03:34 PM

I was there. In fact the Forest Hill Society was allowed to have a stall, which was great!

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30-06-2008 04:40 PM

I thought it was great fun and it was great that the weather was fine too, unlike last year.

Had the pleasure of meeting Michael too.


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30-06-2008 06:08 PM

I went also - just for an hour as I was a bit pushed for time.

It was a nice little do and I thought the jazz band who played at the end were excellent. Cool

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01-07-2008 09:22 AM

I enjoyed the afternoon very much. It was great to see Blythe Hill Fields full of people having a good time.

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01-07-2008 11:41 AM

The FOrest Hill Society were allowed a stall! What, that subversive, political party! Rofl

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01-07-2008 03:25 PM

I was there all day with the rug stall and I thought it was a fabulous day. Great to have all those local musicians playing, and the African drummers/dancers and the jazz funk band at the end were both amazing! The face-painters were great, too, and will be making an appearance at the launch of Stanstead Road Community Garden on 27 July - check the website for more on that!

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01-07-2008 10:04 PM

And good, traditional English sports on offer: tug of war, boot throwing and the sack race. For the latter I especially enjoyed watching the keen dad who went surging into the lead and, just for a moment, appeared to slow ("Ah good, he's letting the kids overtake him") before bouncing on full-pelt to an exuberantly celebrated victory. A bit as I imagine Gordon Ramsay at his kids' sports day.

A nicely organised day all round.

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02-06-2009 02:20 PM

Shortly after 9.30 a.m. last Sunday my daughter was enojoying the baby swings in Blythe Hill Fields when she was run at by two large dogs who were about to jump over the (very low) fence to the children's play area, barking and snapping, when luckilly their owner called them back just in the nick of time. The owner muttered "sorry" after and left the park sharp-ish with them. I've no idea what sort of dogs they were - they were large, muscular but quite lean, a sort of dark tan colour, very athletic, and had red harnesses on. There were just a few sunbathers dotted around in the park at the time. Anyone seen this man with these dogs before, or any idea what sort of dogs they might be? I've reported the incident to the SNT and the Lewisham Dog Warden, who have taken it seriously, but not much they can do really unless I go up there again and am unlucky enough to see him and his dogs again and call them.
The fences round the children's area are very low - most dogs could clear them. I've had (smallish) dogs run through between the uprights of the fence and come up to us as well. I don't even go in the open park any more, except to get to the children's area, after repeatedly being approached by other people's boisterous dogs, and have had staffies jumping up at me to get a look at my baby before.
Has anyone ever had a problem with dogs in this park?


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02-06-2009 03:11 PM

No. but I sympathise with your concern as I have also had a few dog incidents with my child in tow. A few weeks ago a large dog took more than a comfortable interest in my young child in the Horniman Gardens, down near the old paddling pool area, and started to run at her, barking with its lips curled back over its teeth which I think is not a good sign. I had to lift her up and run fast. It was pretty scary. Dogs and children do not mix, whatever people say.
Good luck in reporting it and getting something done but I suspect that the legislation is pretty weak when it comes to seriously addressing the problem.

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Post: #15
02-06-2009 03:27 PM

thanks Roz, no I don't expect anything will be done but my complaint was taken seriously (I think). Sorry to hear about your scary experience in the Hornimans, funnilly enough I was there on Sunday afternoon with family and there were several dogs running round off the lead well away from the designated dog area - one with a muzzle on, with no owners in sight! I'm really sick of leaving parks, particularly BHF, due to dogs approaching us in an aggressive fashion, and the children's area there is no deterrent - little ones get in through the fence and bigger ones can easily jump over if they want to!


Post: #16
23-06-2009 07:39 AM

I'm bumping this as I went back to BHF yesterday with my little one and this time I saw a dog walker (who I've seen many times up there) with 6 dogs running amok, one a huge and boisterous rottweiler, which at one point ran at top speed away from the walker and the pack, towards the entrance where it charged up to a little girl (about 3 years old) entering the park with her dad, and barked at her. The walker called it back several times before it took any notice of her! This could have been a really nasty situation. I can't believe I am the only person put off using this park because of the sorts of dogs beiing walked up there who are not under control, surely?!Mad


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23-06-2009 11:04 AM

You are probably you are the only one who is bothered enough about the safety of others to do something about it. If I were you I would contact the police and the Council and give descriptions and times etc.
It is not acceptable for dogs to harass and frighten children and parents, especially on Council owned land( which it is- isn't it?). Good luck,

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23-06-2009 10:21 PM

Yet another example of dog owners giving the rest of us a bad name Sad
Annoys me intensely to see dogs being left to roam like this, there is no need for it, and if people cant be bothered to exercise their dogs properly, they should not own them in the first place!

Roz, im not sure of your comfort level with dogs, but I would encourage you not to turn and run from a dog, but to stand your ground if you can do so.
Turning can cause the dog to feel it has dominated you, and may decide to make its mark.

A lot of the time playfulness with dogs can easily be misinterpretted as aggression. But we are not all keen or comfortable with dogs, so I fully understand this confusion.

I really do wish the parks would start clamping down now though.

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24-06-2009 10:39 AM

Just a reminder to anyone who might be interested - Blythe Hill Fields Fun Day is this Saturday.

See here for details.

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24-06-2009 10:43 AM

thanks snazy I'm glad someone else has replied to this thread! I am very wary of dogs myself, because I was attacked by one when I was about 2 (I don't even remember the attack but obv it affects me), I don't want my little one to grow up scared of dogs, in fact she has enjoyed throwing sticks for a friendly collie-type that was playing near us in BHF one time. I have complained to Crofton Park SNT, Blythe Hill Fields User Group, Lewisham Dog Warden, and the local councillor. No-one has done anything about it as such though the police said they'd patrol and look out for the dogs that came charging at my baby and the councillor is taking forward my suggestion of having a higher fence around the children's play area where it faces the open field.
none of this solves the problem of irresponsible owners who let their dogs run amok though - a rottweiler running up to a 3 year old is not acceptable, if it had been me I would have been absolutely terrified!
There's a festival there on Saturday I'm going to see whose there that I can raise the issue with...

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