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Buying a house - Deansgate close
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17-10-2013 10:38 PM

I am in the process of buying a flat in Deansgate close and wondered if there is anyone who lives nearby who could let me know what the area is like? I am slightly concerned as the seller has declared that they made a noise complaint against a resident in the block and so wonder if it is a noisy area? I know it is very close to the school so perhaps that is also an issue.

I have only just 'discovered' Forest Hill and would love to live in the area but need to be a bit cautious!

Thank you

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18-10-2013 12:32 PM

Hi and welcome to the forum and area.
The area obviously gets busy around school time with kids etc, but as a whole its always been a pretty subdued part. In the summer however I have occasionally heard music from parties, but nothing out of the ordinary so to speak. Quite a dense area for homes, so from time to time I would expect you would get an occasional late evening party etc.

Given its location and population density, I would honestly say its not a bad little place to be.

Im sure you will hear some horror stories about the area, there was a stabbing up by Clairville Point a while back, so thats probably one of the negatives some digging will show up.

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18-10-2013 01:30 PM

Thanks so much for your reply and honest opinions! I think that most areas in London have got a fair amount of crime if you dig around - I live in Vauxhall (right on the Vauxhall Cross) at the moment so I think it is probably safer and quieter than that!

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19-10-2013 09:31 AM

I have a flat just round the corner from there and although I don't live in it, our tenants are really happy and have been there for 5 years and have no complaints (except the washing machine!)
It's actually fairly typically "London" - not overly noisy, the usual ethnic mix, the odd party and as Snazy has said - not a bad little place to be. I'd be happy to live there.

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