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Dangerous dogs in se23
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05-06-2008 09:56 PM

With reference to comments about dog behaviour elsewhere on this site, new legislation came into force recently in respect of dangerous dogs. The above link confirms the position and also clearly identifies 4 breeds which are banned in this country .
I seem to see a lot of Pit Bulls around, most recently today, one being walked , off the lead, near to Horniman Primary School. I am not sure exactly how to report as its too difficult to confront the owner, who usually appear as aggressive as their animals. Any ideas?

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06-06-2008 08:33 AM

Hi Roz
I agree 100%. Not sure how to report them as you say the owners are an extension to the dog.
Surely must be the council or the Police. I know our local councillors read this forum and expect we will receive a reply soon.
Problem of course , unless you know where they live , is advising the authorities where to find them.

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06-06-2008 09:31 AM

Unfortunately, I suspect that a lot of the dogs you are seeing are cross breeds or staffordshires, which are not banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

I had cause to look at the Act in detail a couple of years ago and unless the dog falls strictly within the breeds listed there's not a great deal you can do - unless of course it attacks you or someone else - in which case it must be put down. Not exactly much consolation if you or someone close to you has been badly injured.

I am genuinely convinced that the bull terriers and rotweilllers etc are dangerous dogs if they do not have responsible owners who know what they're doing. What would be better would be some form of screening when people get dogs to see whether that type of dog is suitable for that person in the environment in which they live. The difficuolty, as always, would be enforcement.

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06-06-2008 09:53 AM

I should state up front that I have always been a bit wary of dogs and am more of a cat person.

I think AMFM has hit the nail on the head. Its not about breeds its more about the size of the dog and the owners ability to manage it.

Yesterday, walking come from Honor Oak along Devonshire Road, I noticed ahead of me chap with 2 dogs, the ancestors of which could possibly have been seen lurking near Baskerville Hall. These were on chains that could have safely raised the Titanic. Anyway at one point of them slipped its chain and sped off at a tremondous lick, acompanied by calls from the owner to come back. Now they may have been 2 of the friendliest dogs on the planet with an owner who has well trained them, but I can only report as I felt which was a little uneasy.

As it happened they went into a house a hundred yards or so ahead. When I passed the property you could tell from the bins outside that it consisted of 2 flats. Keeping large dogs in a 1 or 2 bedroom flat in itself cannot be good for the dog.

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06-06-2008 11:09 AM

If it was possibly enforceable (which it isn't of course) I'd make it illegal for anyone to keep a large dog in a small flat. It's just plain cruel. The welfare of any dog kept in those conditions is going to be compromised even if they are being walked twice a day.

There is a lovely green space round the back of the flats on the London Road and I often cut through there because it's becoming a bit of a haven for wildlife. I even saw wild chives growing there last year until the council mowed over them. Just lately however, I've noticed it being used as an exercise and toilet area for a couple of frankly quite scary looking dogs. I like dogs but it's made me feel uneasy about walking through there sometimes. The owners really don't look very approachable and I doubt they'd take kindly to keeping their dogs on a lead.
I know community support officers are getting a lot of criticism in the press at the moment but this is exactly the type of behaviour they could be policing.

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