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Le Querce, Brockley rise
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Posts: 39
Joined: Sep 2010
Post: #21
28-08-2013 09:02 PM

I love it there. Always had excellent food and service.

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Posts: 7
Joined: May 2012
Post: #22
31-08-2013 11:22 PM

Went to Le Querce tonight and it was great. The staff were friendly as always and the food was delicious. We had a lovely evening. Looking forward to going again soon.

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Posts: 84
Joined: Jun 2005
Post: #23
07-11-2013 02:37 PM

The Times have been running a series of 20 best restuarants this week. Today's topic: 20 secret restauarants that foodies love. Le Querce is a storming second: "Some of the finest Italian food in the UK."

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Posts: 65
Joined: Apr 2012
Post: #24
07-11-2013 06:38 PM

It's good, occasionally very good, sometimes distinctly ordinary. But some of the finest in the UK ?? I love this area and am the first to talk up its bars and restaurants etc. But that smacks of journalistic adventurism. Have they not tried Zucca on Bermondsey Street to name but one.

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Posts: 55
Joined: Jul 2010
Post: #25
07-11-2013 09:12 PM

These rankings are of course highly selective - I don't know how you could definitely argue for no. 2 in the country, but I do think Le Querce is quite special. What has always struck me is how uncompromisingly Italian, or rather Sardinian, it always feels in style of cooking, staff, attitude to food and to their customers, especially families. Until recently the website and answering machine were even in Italian - I love it partly because it makes me feel as though I'm on holiday! I do think the food is often great too, especially the pasta, the fish specials, the ice cream. I can't say every single dish I've ever eaten there has been amazing, some of their dishes are just very plain and simple - but overall I've had some great dinners there. We've taken quite a few guests who aren't local there too and they have agreed with us.

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Posts: 32
Joined: May 2013
Post: #26
12-11-2013 03:20 PM

Another ++ for Le Querce. My wife and I tried it for first time this weekend past, found the service to be friendly and the food delicious. I'll echo what's been said already - if you like your fish dishes then the specials are definitely the way to go. Not sure about the Strawberry, Chilli and Blue Curacao gelato mind.. Smile

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Posts: 620
Joined: Dec 2010
Post: #27
12-11-2013 07:17 PM

I had a garlic gelato there and it was INCREDIBLE!
really worth trying some of those weird combo's.

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Posts: 179
Joined: Oct 2011
Post: #28
12-11-2013 10:40 PM

Guess I won't be kissing nottinghillbilly anytime soon then....

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Joined: Dec 2010
Post: #29
12-11-2013 10:46 PM


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Posts: 18
Joined: Aug 2012
Post: #30
15-11-2013 10:20 AM

I went last night for the first time, delicious!

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