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Your views called for on crime and anti-social behaviour on London buses
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23-10-2007 08:58 PM

Firstly - away from this threads main issue - I had a similar experience to Roz, but when exiting the bus, a few years ago, toddler in hand (walking) when the bus driver could not wait less than a minute to let us get off safely, and shut the doors on my (pregnant) stomach & self. Luckily I had hand-guided my toddler son ahead of me, down the step, and he was not hurt. My stomach (and contained baby) were also ok after, but this is a definite problem among SOME of the bus driving force - lack of passenger care, respect and always in a hurry (except, I suspect, when on a break) I wish they were trained better.

Now to the safety issue.
Although not major, maybe, to some, I, personally, hate the noise, intimidation and general dis-regard of other passengers, by school kids and feel it would be best to have School Buses, for ALL schools ie no large mobs of school children on normal buses/trains/tubes between school turning out time for about an hour or so. (also, more emphasis on walking! - for those who go to school in local area - i used to have to walk 20 mins or so to my secondary school - there and back (not a lot, but believe me, that would be considered a lot, by many of todays kids!) - I was NOT dropped off and collected, like many of the spoiled brats these days!)
Some school "children" can be pure evil!
(although I was not the most perfect child, when at school, I never would have acted as bad as most of the ones I witness on the buses. I had some respect for others around me, but sadly, these years, its not the norm)

I agree, bringing back conducters will not serve much purpose, as users (read, abusers) of the transport system/people, will treat them with the same contempt they do, the drivers and decent public transport users.
Yes, undercover cops (or the like) would be good, but surely, in terms of money, a camera, two or three, on each bus/tube/train, would be better and probably cost less, in the long run and be more successful? Also,they would provide invaluable (& possibly solid) proof, in the case of evidence, needed for court cases? After all, surely, with the cost of fares as they are, in London (and other cities) its not beyond the realms of possibilty for them to be afforded?

Anyway, just my tuppence-worth.


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