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Strange guy on doorstep
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28-06-2013 01:31 PM

This morning I saw a guy walk up my drive but didnt hear a doorbell. I checked around the side quickly, no one there, so went to the front door. He was just standing in my porch, leaning against the wall.

When I asked if I could help him, he was quite polite and said he was waiting for someone. I asked who, and he said 'dont worry yourself'. I asked again who he was looking for as I hadn't heard a doorbell ring. He said it was probably my neighbour. The next few things he said didn't add up, so I suggested to him he was at the wrong address. He said he had been told to meet a man at this address, and was buying something from them.

He said he was sure it was meant to be, and proceeded to phone someone. On getting through he asked where they were, and why he had been asked to wait at #8, and that he clearly didn't live here... Then he apologised, walked away and continued arguing with the person he had called.

Now first thoughts are that he was checking the place out, but when I walked outside he was very relaxed and actually appeared to be waiting for someone. Apart from being a little rude telling me not to worry why he was there, he did nothing wrong.

So im left wondering, was this a very cool and well practised person checking the place out. Or was he about to fall victim to someone claiming to live at my address, who was going to sell him something dodgy, then leave me to deal with the mess when the guy returns a week later as the item is broken/stolen etc?

In the job I do its not uncommon for people to use other peoples addresses to operate from, meeting couriers outside, claiming to have just run back home from work, or driven back from the shops. They then get the goods from the car, outside your house, do the deal and are never seen again. The buyer or victim then comes back to YOU thinking the person lives there.

For the record, the guy was early 30's , black, 6ft, wearing jeans and a thin red and blue waterproof jacket.

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28-06-2013 01:52 PM

that does not sound right to me. make sure you tell your neighbours about that. there are some strange people about hey...

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Fish Face

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28-06-2013 02:29 PM

well dodgy

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28-06-2013 03:07 PM

Good chance he was there to intercept a courier. I once had a courier deliver a mobile phone to my address but with someone else's name on it. The courier told me it was a popular scam and that the person who ordered it was probably hoping to intercept him on the doorstep. Whoever it was probably kicked themselves for choosing my address, because I'm very often home during the day.

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28-06-2013 04:17 PM

rsh, very likely indeed. One way or another, someone was trying to do something that wasnt right, and like yourself im home a lot, so they chose the wrong place to do it.
Police have been advised, and so have neighbours. Smile

Thanks for the feedback all

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