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Perrymount nursery
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09-05-2013 05:19 PM

Hi, I am very interested in hearing from anybody who has sent their child to Perrymount nursery. I am aware there is a thread similar to this already but it's over 18 months old and talked more about the school as oppose to the nursery. Much can change in 18 months and I am interested in views about the nursery, specifically. We are about to opt for a local nursery place for our toddler. Perrymount and Kilmorie are are nearest nurseries, and the bush telegraph appears to suggest Kilmore is the favoured of the two. Is this right ? If so, why, and is it fair ? Has anyone sent their little one to Perrymount nursery and what did you think about it ? Id be really grateful for any comments you might have. Many thanks in advance.

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09-05-2013 07:49 PM

I was about to start a similar thread about Kilmorie and Dalmain nurseries, I'm afraid I don't know about Perrymount but have thoughts on Kilmorie.

We have a place at both and I have visited Kilmorie twice and Dalmain once (and this was as part of a whole school visit so nursery tour was very brief). I got a great feel from Kilmorie amd was impressed by the teacher and the assistant I met. Dalmain classroom and playground both looked nice and well-equipped but I didn't see the children doing free flow play and instinctively the space seemed more formal and less child-centred. Free flow play (which is a big priority for me) seemed to work really well at Kilmorie and this was in part due to the outside/inside layout of the classroom and the outside space. My instinct tells me Kilmorie will be better for my son (and he is more likely to get a place in, and therefore transition to, reception there) but I am going to visit Dalmain again soon to be sure.

Sorry to derail from Perrymount but am interested in any thoughts on that school too as we are v close by and may put it as an option for reception.

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