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Forest Hill for 20-somethings
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06-01-2013 06:55 PM

Hello all,

I have been reading this forum as I am thinking of moving to Forest Hill with my boyfriend. We are both 23. I really like Forest Hill with its independent shops, pub and just the atmosphere, and the transport is great. I was just wondering, are there many people in their early or mid 20s living in Forest Hill? It seems like a bit of a place where people in their 30s move with young families? (That's fine, just wondering if I am right or wrong in my perception) Our friends are scattered all over London so the transport is important, but it would be good to be able to go for drinks locally and meet people living nearby who are close-ish to us in age.

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06-01-2013 08:52 PM

Although I'm 40, so rather older than you, one of the big reasons I moved to Forest Hill last summer was because, being single and having no children, I really liked the atmosphere and the vibrancy. I moved from an area that was very suburban, where there was one (very dodgy) pub, no cafés, and just row upon row of houses sheltering 2.2-style families who went as far as Waitrose and back and no further. There was just nowhere nearby for me to go in the evenings or weekends for a quiet drink, or a nice lunch, or a pub quiz, or a comedy night, or...

In the months since, I've tried out quite a lot of the venues around here, and whilst they all vary, I've no doubt I've encountered plenty of people more your age - and indeed of all ages.

I suspect, given the wide range of facilities around here, that it is a magnet for all types of people - there seems to be something for everyone. I'm not sure if I've helped you at all, but... as someone who moved here because they liked the atmosphere, I am so pleased I did! Smile

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06-01-2013 09:39 PM

I'm sure if you pop down to Forest Hill on a Friday or Saturday night and visit The Hob (pub and comedy club), Sylvan Post, or the Honor Oak you'll find plenty of people in their 20s (and Question Bar, Canvas and Cream, and other places).

But it also only takes 6 minutes by train to reach New Cross, where Goldsmiths College attracts lots more people in their early 20s. And it is really easy to get to Shoreditch where I'm told all the hipsters hang out. However, I'm too old to know what a hipster is.

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06-01-2013 11:19 PM

I'm in my 30s now but think there's a few decent places. Sylvan Post owned by Antic is a sign that the area is attracting a younger crowd looking for cheaper rent. The crowd is usually a bit younger in there but still 30s ish. They've bought a bunch of places in the SE in fact and they're very canny at snapping up pubs usually in areas becoming more 'cool'.

There's not really loads of clubs about. O'Neils / Bridge bar in Beckenham, Venue in New Cross. The Overground line is great though for getting to cool spots (New Cross, Dalston, Whitechapel, Camden, Shoreditch, Etc).

I guess how easy you meet like minded social 20 year olds may depend on how outgoing you are!

By the way, I think Michael is spot on. With all the students at Camberwell and Goldsmiths there are places not too far away with much to offer.

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07-01-2013 01:37 PM

Hey ruru.

I have recently moved to Forest Hill with my girlfriend. We're 28 and living about a 10 minute walk from town. I have to say I'm only ever hearing positive things about the area in terms of more young people deciding to live there.

I decided to buy there based on the fact that two of my close friends also bought in the area (both in their 20s). We moved in October and since then my girlfriends cousin has also moved to the area and he's in his 30s.

More can certainly be brought to Forest Hill, but the atmosphere is great and I think more of the same will be arriving in the coming years.

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08-01-2013 05:06 PM

Hello! I moved here when i graduated from Uni becuase it was handy for work at the time. I am now 26, have moved jobs numerous times, but have never left forest hill. I now have a lot of friends aged 20ish - 30ish who all live in forest hill. It's a great place to nurse a hangover over good coffee on a saturday morning, hang out in the horniman park on a warm afternoon, and meet for drinks at any of the various lively pubs around the station.
There is live comedy, quizzes and bands at the Hob directly opposite the station, and lots of great nights at the Sylvan post. And for really good really cheap pizza try Question bar.
And if all that's not enough, it's an easy train journey up to east london for the clubs!

As someone else suggested, go for a drink at the Sylvan post any evening and see if you like the atmosphere!

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09-01-2013 11:18 AM

Hi Ruru,

Just to echo what others have said, my partner and I are 29 & 28 respectively and enjoy the local pubs, especially the post.
The nightlife isn't particularly lively in comparison to areas such as East dulwich however I think this makes it good to 'come home' to. The hob is open late (2/3am) on Friday/Saturday I believe as is the Capitol.

As others have highlighted Forest Hill has a lot more going for it than the pubs, Green spaces and great coffee shops to nurse that hangover are in plentiful supply!

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10-01-2013 05:30 PM

My partner an I are both in our 20s and live in honor oak. There isn't much locally in the way of 'nights out' other than a few nice pubs but the transport is good. We go out in Lordship Lane, Brixton, Shoreditch and London Bridge... Always nice to come home to a quieter area, also there are some good restaurants round here.

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