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Bogus Car Insurance Claims
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09-12-2012 10:45 AM

On 19/11/12, my son who has just turned 18 was driving along York Rd - Battersea at approx 20.00, the car in front broke very suddendly, and he hit the back, now there is no dispute that he is to blame, as that is the law of the road, however the lady driving did not give any name or contact number, just mumbled she who she was insured with.

We then heard on 29/11/12 from our insurance company that not only as she made a claim, she is also claiming for a personal injury, now she was fine when she drove off.

So does anyone know, rougly the cost this will be if any [ i know the insurance will cover it, yet just curious as this is 1st time something like this has happened ].

The damage on her car was a very small dent in the bumper, we have paid for the damage on my sons car

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09-12-2012 02:48 PM

Hi. There is a good chance this is a "crash for cash" claim. Make this known to your insurance company. It is quite common and just Googling it will bring up a load of info.

As said, contact your insurer re this. Hitting someone from behind is no longer seen as 100% the fault of the following driver.

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10-12-2012 10:36 PM

As long as he is correctly insured, they will pay the 3rd party for whatever claim is made against him.

Their anti fraud departments will be sure to look into it, so make sure they have the strange circumstances on record.

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11-12-2012 10:10 PM

Nothing strange about being able to drive off and then claim you're injured. I got whiplash going down a bobsleigh run. There was nothing wrong for 2 days but once I got on the plane home it kicked in followed 3 days later with chronic back spasms which left me in absolute agony.
I visited the company doctor (my own choice just to prove to work I wasn't putting it on) who signed me off immediately, had an MRI scan, 12 weeks of osteopath visits and physio plus weeks off work on elephant strength painkillers for something that wasn't apparent at the time it happened.

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