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Solving issues with the South Circular
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18-04-2008 02:41 PM

My parents went for a walk with my daughter this morning and discovered they had to run the gauntlet across the South Circular opposite the Co-op (junction with Perry Vale) as the crossing lights were not working.

This is a very important crossing and dangerous corner too, so I am not too happy about it.

However, I rediscovered a flier I received some weeks/months ago about the transfer of control of London's Red Routes to TfL.

They have a helpful call centre on 0845 305 1234

I gave them a call, reported it without any issues and they'll send someone to take a look. The problem may not be fixed yet, but at least there is somewhere to report the issues to.

If you have any issues of your own concerning 'faults' on the South Circular (polite ones only, of course) maybe this number might come in handy.

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18-04-2008 05:56 PM

I had trouble with that crossing a few months ago: it appeared to be working but it never changed to the green man. Fortunately it was a Sunday so traffic wasn't too heavy but I'd hate to try crossing there at any other time.

You can also report street faults online via a TfL webpage, although it's not as handy as a telephone number when you're out and about. They will work out whether the fault is TfL's responsibility or the local authority's, and will notify the appropriate people.

Or you can report faults via Lewisham's webpage - very handy for reporting faulty street lights.

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18-04-2008 07:18 PM

Still not working - a while ago we had this issue every week or so.

Each time I rung up, they were always very helpful, and assured me that there was a time frame within which they were required to respond. I can't remember exactly what it was, but it was something reasonable like 12 hours, so hopefully this will be resolved shortly. I've been dodging traffic with two kids in tow for two days!

Thanks for the information, Robwinton.

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18-04-2008 10:51 PM

Going into the realms of fantasy....I would dearly love to see improvements for pedestriansa crossing the SC at the T-junction outside the station. It's a terrible example of the kind of 1970s/80s street planning that put vehicles needs over pedestrians by getting them (peds) to cross the road in two stages, bunched together on a little traffic island with very little room. A simple and safer option would be to scrap the islands and re-phase the lights so that pedestrians could cross the road in just one go with traffic in both directions held at a red light in the meantime- some hope!

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20-04-2008 02:34 AM

Grangerover, absolutely right - this crossing is a disaster.
But as discussed before what makes it even worse is that having crowded everyone on the island, and made them wait for the South circular filter traffic to pass, they then make everyone wait for the Dartmouth Rd traffic to pass too.

Cant someone hack into the traffic light sequencer box and fix this long standing problem?

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27-04-2008 11:41 AM

Rob I found this out the hard way too.
The island at the bottom of my road, you might be familiar with it. The one the South Circ drunk and speeders choose to hit once or twice a year.

Both islands, the one on CR and the other on Waldram, neither were working, none of the lighting etc. This was like this into the winter, so fearing an accident I contacted Lewisham.

Shocked with the response to say the least.

Something along the lines of...

If its the island on CR, we will take a look, the same for the street lights, but if its the ones on the South Circ, thats TfL ! They are 20ft apart and identical.
But they were not interested in helping prevent an accident.

Took almost 2 months in the end, then all at once, the whole lot was done.
That was a nasty patch for a while though!

Its disgusting that locals have no access to an accurate WHO TO CALL list.
When 6 CR started to collapse I called the town hall emergency line......... im STILL waiting for them to call me back 9 months later.

999, and it was all solved in seconds, well done to the boys in blue once again. But horrified to have to do that.

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18-01-2009 06:36 PM

I was pleased to find this thread as the crossing on the Waldram Crescent / Waldram Park Rd section of the South Circular (by the Co-op) has been incredibly unreliable recently and is, yet again, not working today. I have never known a set of crossing lights fail so frequently! From now on I will try 'phoning Tfl each time they aren't working - presumably if lots of people do this they might, eventually, fix them properly?

On a related note, is there anything residents can do to get a zebra crossing installed at the Perry Vale end of Waldram Place? (next to Dawes for Doors) I am tired of nearly being run over each and every time I (and many others) cross there on the way to/from the station or Forest Hill centre. Not sure why there isn't already a crossing there given the volumes of people who cross there, plus the volume of traffic cutting through to/from the S Circular...

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18-01-2009 06:51 PM

Unlikely to get a crossing in such a place I should think. Due to the line of sight, traffic flow etc.

As for the crossing up by the Co-op, chip shop etc.. They were working on it yesterday.

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19-01-2009 01:45 PM

A crossing even more vital on Perry Vale by the Vale Surgery.

This is very dangerous spot

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