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Leak on corner of Waldram Crescent and Devonshire Road
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Jon Lloyd

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10-04-2008 10:00 PM

There was water pumping out of here the other day - what a waste, and it's presumably damaging the corner house too. I've contacted Thames Water today and they say it will be looked at within three days on their site. I'm in HOP, so if anyone else is nearer, keep us posted if anything starts happening, out of interest.

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11-04-2008 08:53 AM

Someone who posts on KudoCities which used to be FridayCities which used to be the London by London (LBL) email lives in the flat over the leak.

This is from yesterday.

There is a massive leak from within our property (not IN the house as far as we know) that has been non-stop for over a week. Where the water is not collecting around the house itself it is flowing out into the street from holes in the brickwork and exit points.
According to Thames Water, as the leak is within the property boundary it is the responsibility of the owner (in our case the managing agent) to get it resolved. Although TW are aware that thousands of litres are pouring onto the South Circular they can?t really do a great deal about it for 35 days. Lewisham Council were rubbish and didn?t have a clue mumbling something about how they might possibly get someone to look at it.
What can I do? The managing agents have had some half a***d contractor make the problem worse and no authority seems to care about the obscene waste of water and the fact that it?s turning the road into a lake.
Any legal beagles / watchdogs know of any useful London authority I can contact to get them to beat our agent into doing something NOW?

There are some replies and suggestions but no update yet...

I think you'll need to register if you want to read the whole thing

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11-04-2008 09:00 AM

Yeah I have seen it, getting worse and worse. Seem the area is prone to such problems, as there have been leaks there for years on and off.
Dangerous though, especially for cyclists and motorcyclists.

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Jon Lloyd

Posts: 151
Joined: Nov 2007
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11-04-2008 03:03 PM

Thanks for the info.
Another addition to my 'World is full of *****' 2008 compilation (April edition) then.

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11-04-2008 09:20 PM

Saw some private contractors working in the front garden this morning. Leak seems to have been stopped for now. Japanese knotweed is a perennial problem with that property. I wouldn't be surprised if the noxious stuff fractured the water pipe. I've lost count of the times those garden walls been damaged and had to be rebuilt because of JK growing through them. On an unrelated point, the garden wall of a property across the road's also fallen over because of knotweed damage.

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14-04-2008 07:49 AM

Further discussion of knotweed in Beyond SE23 > Japanese Knotweed

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