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Forest Hill Pools
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01-11-2015 09:23 PM

I agree to most extent with all comments posted after my last post.

SteveG85, cheers for the link

nottinghillbilly, I agree it's important to keep free swimming for over 60's

borderpaul, I'd like to find out more about the comments you raised

Here's what I think could be a solution after these posts but not sure if it would be possible and don't know how to access this info

- Is there a way to access what over 60's have a healthy pension and work out a way that people having over a certain amount pay and under swim for free
- Again for weekend and school holiday swims for the kids is there a way to work out what families can afford it and who can't

From chatting to local people those that can afford to pay are willing too to keep the free swim for people most in need.

Maybe this needs more looking into!


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02-11-2015 03:42 PM

Seems to me that swimming should be free or very cheap for both of these groups for different reasons. But the only way the Council can achieve that is to increase the price of swimming for everyone else ie those who can afford it most. That is unlikely to be popular with all but might be the only approach. Means testing for pensioners and children will be hugely unpopular and is extremely difficult to administer.

If we all think this is an important service that the Council should continue to provide, what alternative cuts would we recommend? Reduced school places and no free transport? Reduced old people care? Reduced social housing or increased rents or less paid in housing benefit? Bin collections evert two weeks? No street cleaners? No council leisure facilities? Close Libraries? Reduce social workers? Sack admin staff - legal, hr, finance? Not easy I would suggest. And whatever they come up with, someone will have what they consider to be a valid objection.

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robin orton

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02-11-2015 11:36 PM

Why should we have to 'recommend' cuts to the council? Surely that's what we elect them (and pay them and their staff) to decide on our behalf. We, the voters, are not equipped to propose, develop and cost policy changes. All we should be expected can do is to shout loudly if the council propose something we don't like and then leave it to them. We can always kick them out at the next election.

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03-11-2015 12:41 AM

I agree, our councillors should do what the majority of locals ask of them, but sadly at the moment they are choosing not to.

I have posted a link on Twitter about library info being removed from Lewisham Councils main webpage.

I'm very tempted to post my email conversations with local councillors but might get myself in trouble if I do, so will hold off for now until I find out if legally I'm allowed to do this.

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03-11-2015 11:11 PM

I must say I find the lack of communication from our local Councillors on this forum really appalling.
In fact I believe I've only ever seen regular posts from one councillor in the time I've been a member of this forum.
This I can't help but compare with the brilliant local councillors I had in my last address which was in North Westminster, They were always quick to respond to personal enquiries and send out a monthly email (which I still receive out of curiosity for whats going on in my old 'hood') with updates on everything from crime, (the SNT also have a section in the email)refuse collection,traffic,local transport residents personal queries and resolutions to problems within the constituency.
I fail to see why on this forum we don't have a monthly section like this where the local councillors can actually inform us about issues within our area and what they are actually doing about them.

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04-11-2015 09:31 AM

I should imagine they are spending a lot of time being nice to their esteemed comrade so have little time for us mere serfs.

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04-11-2015 12:11 PM

This I can't help but compare with the brilliant local councillors I had in my last address which was in North Westminster

I've lived previously in Camden and Lambeth, which seemed to have an equally deafening voice from local councillors; however, both those boroughs seemed to be better run with regard to street upkeep (read smart and even pavements and street lighting), rubbish collection (both scheduled and fly tipping removal), and road improvements. Possibly in Lambeth the councillors are too pre-occupied with either debating free swimming facilities for a specific demographic of society rather than ensuring the more run-of -the-mill services are performed well, or communicating with their constituencies.

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03-12-2015 09:24 PM

Went to pool this evening and the changing rooms stank of urine.
They stank when I arrived and still stank an hour later.
no sign of a cleaner.
I complained at reception, but thought I'd post here too.
The ladies loos poolside are always filthy and virtually unusable.
now the cubicles smell of p**s.
I dread to think of the germs in the pool.The centre is generally very badly managed and yet Fusion still seem to maintain a monopoly of all the pools in south London.

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05-12-2015 10:53 PM

I am a short term user whist my new gym in Sydenham is being rebuilt.

I must say for the pricely sum of near £40 there is only 1 shower to use, which is caked in limescale (wouldn't take much to clear) grit on the floor, for weeks, crumbs and god knows what on treadmills, and i have a bad outbreak of athletes foot!

Did i mention the mould and bugs living in the shower?

Can't wait to say bye bye to the place.

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Fish Face

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Post: #2070
09-12-2015 04:49 PM

Try 6 showers poolside...
Bugs - lol
I'm sure Sydenham will look forward to you and your athletes foot!

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Post: #2071
18-12-2015 09:11 AM

I use the gents changing room upstairs and it is palatial compared to the facilities at Bridge *shudders*. Sadly there are limited weights at the FH gym compared to Bridge so I'm alternating between the two. Can't wait for PureGym to open (old LA Fitness site)- have heard on the grapevine that it is delayed until March as they found asbesdos.

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Joined: Jul 2009
Post: #2072
18-12-2015 11:17 AM

Am also waiting for puregym to open...thanks for update about March opening, it was quiet there for a while, but have noticed some nice plastering going on in the building the other day...roll on March i'm giving the bugs in the shower names now!!

PS Showers are worse poolside, needs limescale removed from outlet, no where to leave stuff..

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Post: #2073
18-12-2015 12:49 PM

It is such a shame the gym and pool facilities are badly mantained by Fusion. Glass Mill in Lewisham is even more neglected, the changing rooms are always dirty, fittings already damaged and not replaced/repaired;and yet, the whole property is almost brand new. If only the Council put pressure on Fusion to fulfill its contracts!

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18-12-2015 05:47 PM

Yes agree with all above comments.
I even emailed fusion via their website with my concerns and complaints
but no-one even bothered to acknowledge me.
I'm not usually a complaining person but as stated previously, its a new centre and a valuable community resource yet its appallingly run and managed.
Fusion appear to have the monopoly in South London council gyms and yet I read the same gripes on the East Dulwich forum regarding the running of the centre there.
Surely clean changing-rooms toilets and showers are not too much to ask.
The floors are never mopped either and are often hazadous.
Its depressing!
Re; pure-gym will it have a pool does anyone know? because if so I may migrate there as I can't afford a fancy gym but FHP is really getting me down.

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18-12-2015 06:14 PM

No pool at Pure, and showers not available after 8.30pm.

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