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Info about Brockley
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18-09-2011 11:29 PM

I know maybe it's not the right forum, but I give it a go anyway.

I'm currently living in Forest Hill and thinking to buy a new place nearby. I found quite a few properties in Brockley, but I don't really know the area.
I've been a couple of times, but I couldn't really find a town centre. Is there a high street of some sort?

Did anybody on this forum moved from Forest Hill to Brockley or Honor Oak Park. Did you miss Forest Hill?
Basically I only use three things in Forest Hill: the gym, sainsburys and the comedy night at the Hob. Is there anything like those in Brockley/Honor Oak?

The other thing that worries me is how pack the train is in the morning when it gets to Brockley, but I guess I could walk to New Cross Gate where a few people get off usually.

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19-09-2011 06:27 AM

I live in HOP but:
- the following community site may be helpful
- the trains are more crowded obviously but the front carriage of Overground normally copes in morning rushhour (standing of course)
- like all places its a patchwork of up & coming etc. There's a small knot of coffeeshops and food shops by Brockley station itself, but can't think of a pub to recommend! (The Brockley Barge is a Wetherspoon).
- If you are talking the HOP end of Brockley (Brockley Rise), then the Tivoli ballroom, Jam Circus, Mr Lawrences, Co Op Budgeons, Brockley Jack are around

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19-09-2011 10:50 AM

I can very much recommend this in Brockley (and beyond)

The Orchard
5 Harefield Road, London SE4 1LW

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19-09-2011 11:18 AM

Brockley is a nice area, possibly slightly cheaper house prices than Forest Hill, and in zone 2.

It does not seem to have any supermarkets other than a recently opened Coop, it does not really have a High Street, but does have some nice shops. It is only 5 minutes from Forest Hill by train, so comedy at the Hob or a nice FH pub are not far away. And there is a Sainsburys in New Cross Gate and a range of other venues for the evening in New Cross.

Two concerns I would have about moving to Brockley - lack of green space which I enjoy around Forest Hill, and the impact of some areas earmarked for development - see page 248 of
The large developments around Brockley station will hopefully be beneficial to the area and encourage more businesses to open, but Brockley Cross is likely to undergo substantial change in the next few years. By 2024 the trains from Brockley will be 25% over capacity unless 12 carriage trains (and 5 carriage on ELL) are introduced. This will mean that you are unlikely to get on the first train that comes to the station in the morning.

I don't mean to knock Brockley. I think it has a lot going for it. But I still prefer where I live in Forest Hill.

The Brockley forum can be found at where you can get the views of people who live in Brockley.

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19-09-2011 07:43 PM

I live in the residential no-mans land of Perry Vale - and use the facilities of both HOP & Brockley more than I do Forest Hill. Re your specific questions:
Gym - not too sure on that one. Nearest may be the Fitness First in Lewisham. Realistically if you move to Brockley you will never travel to Zone 3 again unless you work out of town - so unlikely to travel back to the FH gym - but would be easy to.
Comedy nights - being near Goldsmiths & New Cross, you will probably find more around that area than in FH. Amersham Arms is the most obvious
or New Cross Inn
Trains - as well as Brockley/NXG - you could travel in/out of New Cross - not so many ELL trains - but easier to get on and useful having more options into London Bridge.
Hope some of this helps - heartily recommend The Orchard as stated by someone else and Smile Thai is a BYO which is good after work.[/align]
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19-09-2011 09:44 PM

Brockley is fab. I missed it when I moved to SE23! And I still do!
There's Hilly Fields - the best park in this area - there's an Open Gym that runs up there three times a week. The Talbot on Tyrwhitt Road is a great gastro pub. The Orchard for food. The Brockley Mess is a lovely cafe. The Sunflower Centre for various therapies including cranial osteopathy, massage and yoga. Great community. Lots of artists. Brockley Open Studios every June/July. Agreed it's lacking a supermarket though, but you won't regret moving there.

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19-09-2011 10:00 PM

I have lived on Brockley Rise one way system for all my life so far so your talking nearly 24years.

I like it here and hate it at same time. This is just my opinion remember.

Reasons I like it -

HOP and Crofton stations both 5mins walk away and get me to very handy places ie HOP to Canada Water for onward connections or Croydon and Crofton Park for Bromley or Blackfriars.

Brockley Supermarket such a friendly place and always handy to buy stuff fairly late.

Budgens again handy and friendly for late night shop he is open til 10pm 7days a week!!

Hills and Parkes new deli - lovely staff and selection of fresh food.

Brockley Jack pub - quiz night on thurs and sunday.

Jam Circus and The Honor Oak good pubs.

Good bus routes - I often take the 171 and 172 to go central London - on a good day takes 40mins on a bad just over an hour but cheaper than train.

Plenty of parks in walking distance - Blythe Hill, One Tree Hill, Hilly Fields, Ravensbourne Park and Ladywell Park.

Ok now bad things -

The Chandos pub avoid like the plague.

The guy from the Honor Lee hostel constantly hanging about Brockley Supermarket for money - just ignore him I do and have done for about 7yrs or so when I first started noticing him.

Due to where I live there is an increase number of visitors to the sports ground which can be disruptive to the area on some evenings when there is a few events going on.

Other than that Brockley Rise area is brilliant and really cant see myself living anywhere else at present moment as this has been my home since I was born.

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20-09-2011 09:26 AM

I live near the station in Forest Hill but regularly go to Brockley, Honor Oak, Sydenham etc...I dont think Brockley is so far from Forest Hill that I even see them as different places anymore Smile We have friends who we visit regularly by Hilly Fields and they feel like neighbours!! In terms of house prices I got the impression that Brockley is more expensive due to its Zone 2 location whilst Honor Oak was cheaper than both Forest Hill and Brockley. Saying that - it depends on what street you look on like anywhere!! I do prefer the more obvious town centre of Forest Hill - Brockley's 'centre' is more around Crofton Park station to me and it's just like one long road whereas Forest Hill has a sort of junction of three roads which makes it feel a bit more like a conclusion though, I think wherever makes the most financial/where you feel safe kind of sense for you is a goer as none of it is very far away from the rest of it!

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21-09-2011 12:48 PM

Hilly Fields is nice, but whatever you do steer clear of Upper Brockley Road near Lewisham Way. The other end is perfectly fine.

I lived there for 8 years and it was a nightmare.

I prefer Sydenham (and Forest Hill) to Brockley. When I was looking 4 years ago I found Forest Hill both cheaper and better value than Brockley. If you get the train from New Cross you will struggle to get on the train in the morning, plus you have to walk through New Cross. Brockley isn't too bad to get on the train.

Best thing is to have a good look around and judge for yourself. My experience in Brockley is tainted by some selfish idiots who think either turning a blind eye to whats going on or doing whatever you please irrespective of how it affects others is acceptable.

Brockley Central is a great site though. You will get lots of info there and Brockley Nick is a nice guy.

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10-10-2011 09:31 AM

I lived in Brockley for 20 years but moved to Crofton Park as it's a much nicer area. Brockley deteriates the nearer to New Cross you get.

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