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is it me, or is everything ****?
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24-02-2008 01:04 AM

Got up this morning - not especially early, about 8 - and decided to get some croissants and a paper. Not too much to ask for a Saturday morning?

First stop the co-op to pick up some of their 'freshly baked' croissants. Sorry me, the shop is open but apparently I shouldn't expect the shelves to actually have stuff on them that early.

So i wander up to Sainsbury's (stopping on the way to look a those newly uncovered steps to the station). Sainsbury's open of course, but is there any fresh baked goods on the shelves? A few lumpy loaves from yesterday is all. Getting grumpy now, i pick up some of their pre-packaged pains au chocolate.

It's irrational I know, but i don't like to buy my Guardian in a supermarket - doesn't seem right somehow - but thats no problem, I can get one in WH Smith. Wrong! Saturday morning and Smiths doesn't open till 9. Grrrrr!

Back up the road to get a paper. Get home and kick the cat!

C'mon SE23 shops.....sort yaselves out!

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24-02-2008 07:14 AM

Is this a 12 bar or 8 bar blues?

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24-02-2008 10:57 AM

Had the same sort of day in town believe it or not. Sat and Sun are just seen as lazy days where everything starts a little later and at a less frantic pace. Retailers still living in the 80's I think!

Cant be seriously frustrating. But lets be honest, the co-op bakery stuff is worth the wait :D

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25-02-2008 10:43 AM

Try Provender, I'm not sure what time they open but it will be fresh.

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