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1 Slagrove Place
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Pushy Parent etc etc

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14-03-2011 10:40 AM

Does anyone know who the Council "flogged" 1 Slagrove Place to?
Its a school site on Hillyfields.

Unless the world has gone mad I'm assuming that the local Council would ensure that its new owners continued to use the site to provide education to the local community. Assuming that this is the case I'd like to congratulate the Council on its continued commitment to local people. They'd never sell it to a private developer, would they?

The demand for school places is high and I was starting to worry about Lewisham's ability to deal with the problem. Kilmorie for example, according to its recent ofstead inspection, has seen a drop in the standard of the education it provides. (However, I'm sure that rumors of an extra intake and the closure of its community centre to cope with this, will quickly sort things out???) Its insane.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if local people could work together and come up with a proposal for a new school, that would be funded by extra money from central Goverment?

I think that the council may have missed a trick here. Or is that just insane?

There is a slightly lazy sterotype that Free Schools are only supported by pushy, middle class parents. I think that when using sterotypes, its best to make sure they're right. Change the word "middle class" to "local communities" and the pictur painted is quite different. Also what's wrong with being middle class anyway? Is a primary school teacher middle class? Does being working class make you "more" local? I'm confused.

Primrose House's Free school, campaign was attacked by one "keyboard warrior" for "professional". For their info, the person who did the graphics/website. Was born, raised, educated and lives in Lewisham. It was done on a computer at home after putting the kids to bed. Nothing like working class(ily). Talk about rubbishing the people, you're trying to champion?

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14-03-2011 03:18 PM

Whilst I don't know the background to this "flogging" Scared, I believe that this site was the Council's own in-house staff training centre, rather than a school or serving the local community.

I'd also describe it as more Ladywell than Hillyfields, too, FWIW.

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14-03-2011 08:26 PM

Surely no one would name a road Slagrove.

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