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Dropped kerb enforcement - Lewisham
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09-03-2011 09:58 PM

There always seem to be lots of traffic wardens on scooters around in Forest Hill who I am sure would be more than happy to issue an extra parking ticket or two (having been a victim myself recently for being 5 minutes late back to my car! Sad )

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10-03-2011 11:22 AM

I would add a third reason to why I think people dont like dropped kerbs.
3. They tend to waste parking space.

I have three houses opposite me where without dropped kerbs you would be able to park 6 cars but currently you can only park 3.
Two of the houses have small driveways and the third has a concrete garden. House number one doesn't have a car. House number 2 parks his car on the road as it takes him a few minutes with assistance to park his car in the driveway and the third can grow 2 cars in their garden but leaves it barren.

I am not saying this is the case with all people who have dropped kerbs but it illustrates the waste. Many of the driveways have not been used for 10 or 20 years. They are too small to accomodate modern cars and are overgrown. It would be good to see these recycled from concrete back to fertile ground.

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10-03-2011 12:04 PM

Border Paul

Yes I agree also with your comments.
Apart from anything else they make some of out lovely Victorian and Edwardian streets look tatty.
If you move into an area with mainly that type of housing you should not expect to be able to park a car easily.

If they introduce CPZ's then you will lose a lot more spaces as for instance they stop people parking near corners ( which is illegal anyway but not enforced ).

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10-03-2011 01:39 PM

Dropped kerbs generally increase the number of parking spaces. You can park cars in the garden and visitors can park in the road outside.

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10-03-2011 01:54 PM

I cannot agree in general. I know of many gardens that are 100% concreted over and therefore you cannot , or should not , park at all in front of that house.

Also you have to leave enough space for the parker to get in and out safely.
This does not just mean leaving enough space for the cat to exit/enter but also enough space to they can view the whole road for oncoming vehicles.

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10-03-2011 04:10 PM

Technically the road is not meant for parking. It is meant for moving along.

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10-03-2011 09:03 PM

We had a similar problem some years ago when a bloke across the road insisted on blocking our driveway with his car, and that of others. When challenged he said he needed to park it there so he could see it out of his window. Sounds a bit like your offender. Its not an old Merc by any chance is it as it might be the same person as he did move but I don't know to where!
One night he parked across it when our car was in the drive and I needed to collect my partner from New Cross station very late one night. I could not get the car out. I knocked on his door but he refused to answer it even though I know he heard it and knew what the problem was. Furious, I called the police for advice and they actually sent a car round. They eventually got him out of his house to move it and read him the riot act. They advised me and him that a crossover has the benefit of public highway protection and hence the bloke was effectively obstructing the public highway by blocking the drive. I think that might be the way forward for you? However if the person is likely to be agressive towards you then seek advice before approaching him or get the police to do it. It is apparently their job not the Councils.

You can reinforce the point by getting the Council to paint some white lines across your entrance; I think its about 80 for a single driveway.

Best of luck

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11-03-2011 08:54 AM

I think that the end of this is that if you have someone park across your drive when you car is in the drive and you ask them to move it and they get agressive then call the police. Sure, they have a lot to do but then why should you have to put up with someone with no social skills who clearly doesnt give a damb but is then agressive with it.

s*d them, dial the police number in Lewisham direct and they can deal with the muppet.

The next time stick a potato in their exhaust.Thumbsup

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