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Scamming in the City
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16-02-2011 12:34 PM

Not a local scam this time, but ingenious. Walking along City Road this week I was stopped by a young man brandishing a gaping wound on his arm and saying that he had just been knocked off his bike and could he have three quid to get a taxi to hospital.

It didn't add up - no bike in evidence, no blood or dirt or damage to his clothes, he didn't seem at all shaken and was walking steadily enough to have got on a bus if he was short of taxi money. But I was so perplexed and concerned that he might possibly be genuine that I scrabbled around for some money, whilst he helpfully offered me change if I only had notes. Eventually I realised I'd come out with no money and he gave up and wandered off to wait for the next person.

Googling later revealed that he is quite famous in the area and one pedestrian said had been stopped by him ten times. Maybe this is a well-known ploy, but it was new to me. Theatrical makeup perhaps.

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16-02-2011 12:49 PM

I used to get stopped by someone in Catford who needed the bus fare to a job interview.
All my colleagues were stopped by him every day one week!

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16-02-2011 12:52 PM

Lets hope he got the job!

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16-02-2011 01:52 PM

He works hard at his scam, convincing wound as well. I have had the pleasure of meeting him three times in the City of London and each time was before After the guilt at declining the first opportunity to help him I felt very vindicated when I happened upon him the second time. I don't like to be suspicious but I can't help it when there are people like this in our society.

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16-02-2011 02:20 PM

Interesting to hear of someone else who met the same man, Dommy. I don't really like being suspicious either, but I can't help rolling my eyes now every time someone stops me in the street and says 'I'm sorry to bother you...' in that polite but urgent 'please hand over three quid for some fabricated reason' tone of voice.

If I have time I will call his bluff when I see him again, bundle him into a taxi and insist on sitting in A and E with him for two hours until he gets to the front of the queue.

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Cellar Door

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16-02-2011 02:24 PM

I've been stung by this one in Soho.

Pleasant looking bloke in a casual suit walks upto you whilst standing you're outside a pub having a ciggie in the early part of a busy Friday evening.

He goes, "Mate, I need some changing for parking. The machine doesn't take 2 pound coins".

He's showing you a 2 pound coin in his open flat palm.

You hold your beer in one hand, dangling the ciggie on your lip whilst fishing for some coins in your pocket. You then flip a couple of 1 pound coins into his palm with the reasonable expectation he'll hand the 2 pound coin to you.

Nope, he closes his palm and strides off cheerily calling back, "Thanks, Mate". You are left open mouthed.

That has happened to me over the years. Twice!

It won't happen a third. Cut to me this coming Friday night in Soho after a few beers...

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16-02-2011 05:57 PM

I've met this guy a few times when I lived in the Shoreditch. I've never given him money but I did call a taxi for him, which he declined as soon as he realised I planned to give the money directly to the driver...

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