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Last Christmas Eve
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28-01-2011 11:58 PM

When invited, I took the opportunity of a lift up to the Park,
the sky was overcast and heavy cloud made it almost dark.
I like to just sit here, watching all those people who pass,
I had to laugh when a kid slid and tripped on the frozen grass.

The chilly breeze is penetrating I had a tot of my Jack Danielís,
here comes that thoughtless dog owner of that pair of Spanielís.
I offer him a plastic bag, because you know what dogs will do,
what the unpleasant, ungrateful man said, was not got to Timbuktu.

A playful child grabbed my walking frame and ran across the Park,
his mother soon brought it back, and said he only did it for a lark.
An athlete in shorts & vest running around the track, must be for a bet,
his exhaling breath looks like steam, and his cold skin is bright scarlet.

Its not far for me to walk over the stream spanned by the bridge,
I am getting really cold now, I feel how it must feel in the fridge.
The water is frozen over, although not thick enough to skate.
what memories of old times, when we did skate upon this lake.

The snow is falling and its lying, Iím leaving my prints in a line,
the four small impressions my frame made so I know they are mine.
My lift has returned as he promised, to take me back to my door,
he refused my offer to pay him, he must think that I am poor.

Home now, warming in front of the roaring fire, thatís better,
ah the postmanís come, so I will just go and get the letter.
Thereís several cards, itís good to hear from them at this time,
some have a picture of Santa, most have a few words of rhyme.

Are you staying at home for Christmas Dinner? I sent some vouchers,
I am, but I have arranged for the mother in-law to got to the Vultures'.
I borrowed a stocking to hang for Santa to fill, made sure it was size XXL,
She said I did not have time to wash it! I said never mind the smell!

I tried to put some decoration, high up there above on the ceiling,
afraid I fell down twice, now my knee cap scars are bleeding.
I went to bed early last night, wondering what present will be best.
sometimes the less costly one will even if it cost the least.

I looked at myself in the mirror just before going in to my bed,
looking old now a bit wrinkly, and not a single hair on my head.
I know now why those people that I passed by cheered,
itís so long since I shaved I have grown a long white beard.

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