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A noise above.
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28-01-2011 08:18 PM

A noise above.

I have had a quiet life so far, no noisy neighbours to interrupt my thought,
things have changed now, I've come a little bit anxious if not distraught.
The flat above me has got a new tenant, who I did not see moving in,
the noises that I hear through the floor the covering must be very thin.

Its evening, someone has just gone in the flat above, to join whoeverís there,
the sounds come through my ceiling as if there is insulation, I wonder where.
I can hear a conversation, but I am not listening to this through choice,
a woman is speaking to some one else, and answered by a mans voice.

The woman says "I have brought you something, shall we go and try it out"?
its quieter now, I cant understand why, it does not take long before a shout.
"Come into the bedroom, it took a while to get it right, Iím ready for you now",
even through the ceiling I hear an intake of breath, as he exclaimed "WOW".

I have never been a musician, but got used to the army drum marching beat.
the sound I hear is different, this one changes speed, it is not of marching feet.
I cant hear the music playing, or even the muffled words that they are saying,
the rhythm's even makes the ceiling lamplight shade accompany by swaying.

I wonder should I go upstairs and tell them that all the sounds can be overheard.
or would they think that I am being a little bit over the top, or just plain absurd?
Its quiet now should I go up now, they have had their tea or was it their supper?
I will go now, but it will take some time for me to climb the stairs to the upper.

"Good evening", I said to the woman who opened the door, "Iím Billy from the flat below,
I thought that I would welcome you to your new home and be neighbourly you know".
"George" she called toward the closed door, it opened it to show the man who was there,
disclosing George "Its Billy from the flat below, show him your new Rocking Chair".

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