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Choose a Place
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23-01-2011 01:30 PM

Choose a place.

Choose a place, bring that vision into your mind,
think back, and what memory of it did you find?
Was it a building, a shop, a house, or just a space,
soon your memories will bring it back into place.

Take the Glenlyn Dance Hall, now there’s a tale,
it was entered between numbers 15/17 Perry Vale.
Take lessons for Tango, Foxtrot, Waltz, Minuet’s,
now it’s named Crystal Hall hired for Banquet’s.

A good place to learn to dance and communicate,
sure to be paired up, if on time not turn up late.
Girls then dressed in pretty dresses or flared skirts,

the boys in smart suits and ties, not open shirts.

The boys wore black leather soled shiny patent shoes,
ask a girl to dance a bit awkward they stayed in two’s.
Find your favourite dance that might be the Twist,
do it well and then you are top of your partners list.

In the fifties to dance was a social pastime, that stays,
this was one of learning these most enjoyable ways.
Once you had grasped the simple and basic steps,
train for the medals that would be what to expect.

To get a Bronze Medal you are climbing the ladder,
failing the test might make you feel a bit sadder.
Should you pass it, you will then feel the elation,
now get ready for your Silver Medal examination.

Formal dancing in Halls is a thing of the past,
Now the things have changed nothing can last.
Sit in that hall now, not hearing the past echo’s,
how it sounded here then, nobody here knows.

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30-01-2011 02:00 PM

I have chosen a place that might be interesting.
Horniman’s Museum. The Apostle clock.

The time is drawing near for us to see the Apostles that were made,
we are up on the balcony to see the Apostles figures that parade.
Its nearly four o'clock , time to face Christ in homage, here today,
with the exception of the last Judas the non believer who turns away.

Its dead on four and here they come twelve in all, from left to right,
is such a showing, follow the leader coming in then go out of sight.
Why does Judas turn away ? Can you solve this Biblical mystery?
consult the bible, will give the answer, it wont be found under history.

The clock was made in Germany about the mid nineteenth Century,
who made it nobody knows, A German yes that’s just elementary.
The Apostles go around above the central roman figured clock dial,
memories of seeing this, at a later date will make you surly smile.

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