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Red Ball Marketing aka Hi Marketing / Rockex HP / Bayer Global Group
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27-07-2011 03:21 PM

no i was offered an interview a few months ago and decided to do some research as i was advised to do before an interview and quite frankly i was shocked at what i discovered, but i went to satisfy my partner but also to satisfy my curiosity

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27-07-2011 04:05 PM

Sounds like a sensible decision. Thanks for the update.

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11-12-2011 05:36 PM

Some time back I corresponded with forum following a search regarding your experience with a company called "Red Bull Marketing" offering exterior wall work to householders. The overriding feeling was that this was a dubious company that basically conned householders and should be avoided. Thank you - your efforts confirmed my suspicions.

I have lived in Lewisham for 10 years and have regularly received many visits from variously named companies offering the same thing, same approach, same kind of paperwork. I suspect that it is the same people operating under different names, also as your research revealed, using the name of Bayer Global Group. Other members of my residents association have had similar experiences and conclusions.

Please be aware:

Today I received another visit - the current name is 'Home Improvement Marketing Ltd.', also stating the names 'Hi Marketing for the Bayer Global Group'.

I have a few concerns to add:

1. 10 years ago, in the original assessor visit, I was told that work done would be guaranteed for a long period, something like 10/15 years. Of course if the company folds the guarantee does not apply. During the assessment he pointed out problems in a way that I think was aimed to create a lot of anxiety and avoided my repetitive question about how much it might cost. After all this the eventual estimate was very high. A couple of years later we had another assessment from a company with a different name and it was remarkably similar. Towards the end I noticed the paperwork seemed very similar, just a different name. In the following years I have had more visits all much the same and not bothered to follow up offers of assessor visits.
2. In all the subsequent visits over the years the various individuals have never been aggressive, but very amicable, some even super friendly, long lost relative vibe! My neighbour who also had a visit from Home Improvement Marketing Ltd. this week is fully aware of the history of these companies over the years, but still got momentarily taken in - she thought he was from the council, he didn't correct her properly on this, and only became unpleasant when she refused to give her phone no.
3. Some householders sense straight away that it is a scam but since they come back regularly, it must be working - I worry that vulnerable people, perhaps elderly or isolated, might get taken in, especially given the emotionally manipulative sales techniques.

I understand that these things can be notified to Lewisham Council's trading standards department, so perhaps we should do this.

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23-12-2011 09:38 PM

My partner had a visit today from these people. They simply would not get off the doorstep. Not aggressive but persistent and in the end my partner had to shut the door in his face as he wouldnt stop the sales pitch.

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24-12-2011 05:26 PM

We had a visit yesterday from a young guy who 'just' wanted our phone number even though we said we definitely weren't interested in the services the company offered. He said he would get his commission if we agreed to a phone call, and not if we didn't.

He was very persistent, understandably as getting our phone number was probably the only way he could avoid working for nothing. What a vile way to run a company, passing on the risks to the underpaid or not-paid-at-all workforce, then trying to make potential customers feel guilty about stopping them getting paid. Grrr.

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25-12-2011 12:42 AM

It must be the season for it - we've had someone pushing 'external wall surveys' and another pushing 'energy efficiency surveys.' I'm afraid I'm quite rude and don't let them start their sales pitch. Time wasters!

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Croydon Rez

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27-10-2012 02:19 PM


I had these people call at my door in Croydon yesterday. They are now calling themselves "Rockex HP" but claim to be part of the non-existent Bayer Global Group as Red Ball did. Still offering free surveys with a slick chat followed by menacing if you are not interested.

Rockex H-P, 20 Murdoch Road, OX26 4PP is a non existent address. Ginger bloke calls himself "Steven". Obviously still scamming their way around South London.

I contacted Watchdog TV programme, don't know if they'll be interested.

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14-03-2013 04:44 PM

A rather shifty-looking company are doing the cold-calling rounds in Honor Oak Park today.

I've just been handed a card from Bayer Global Group. Did a quick Google search and there's a thread about the on the East Dulwich Forum too. Don't sign up for anything with them!

Here's the link to the EDF thread:,844520

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19-05-2013 04:35 PM

We had a visit on 14/05/13 from a dubious company, think they are the same people who went by the names Red Ball, ROCKEX-HP, etc.

This time the offer is to do roof insulation, etc. They go by the name of Eco-Homes Consultants and appeared to follow up the Government led grants/energy saving initiative many Lewisham residents took part in a while ago - free loft/radiator/boiler insulation etc.

They flag up the current government initiative - the Green Deal process. However their offer is to first do insulation work, as recommended by them, then have an 'energy performance certificate' with advice on possible further work (mentioned 'solid wall insulation - sound familiar?) re. the Green Deal.

They offered to send two workmen to do the work the next day. It would cost 399 for the work + 50 for certificate with advice for further work/Green Deal .

This rep said their website was Eco-Homes I googled the name and there is a website for Ecohomes Consultants who have a statement naming this other company and disassociating themselves from them, also stating that they do not use a direct sales approach.

I notified Lewisham Trading Standards who annoyingly said I should complain to Citizens Advice who might then pass it on to them. I have done this and am waiting for a response.

Regarding the previous scams during that time, I was informed by a rep from Lewisham Trading Standards that they needed several notifications from several different people before they consider action. Therefore if any of this is applicable to you, perhaps you could make a formal complaint.

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Croydon Rez

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31-03-2014 07:58 PM

I posted something about these scammers elsewhere and have had a few comments over the last two years.

They've done Plumstead, Thornton Heath, Egham Surrey. And in the last few days they've been in Whitstable where they are still using the name Rockex and the Bicester address.

There simply isn't enough info about them out there, they are obviously still getting away with ripping people off.

I had a reply from Watchdog saying that they were already investigating, but then never heard anything else and I don't think they ever featured them on the TV programme.

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