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Parking on Gabriel St, Grierson Rd, Lessing St etc
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15-06-2011 06:02 PM

I would be happy to pay a nominal amount to ensure getting a space and if it makes life easier for other a bit closer to the station. It would not be a massive problem for me as I work from home and my car is outside most of the time. However I have found it is busy, even at night on Gabriel Street when I go out and come home, am wondering if it is just the sheer amount of car owners on the street.

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15-06-2011 07:58 PM

A colleague of mine from finchley recently told me about rising costs of cpz and how they have now set up a campaign against the ever increasing costs. The local paper has an article about it

I live on one of the roads mentioned in the subject line however i think cpz will end up being very bad for locals. Higher costs, bad for the high street, etc

I also think that the east london line phase 2 extension will reduce some of the parking stress in the area so we should at least wait for that before making a lifetime commitment to CPZ.

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10-10-2011 08:02 AM

Update on council parking permit increases

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10-01-2012 11:04 AM

According to a Brockley Central article it looks like these roads are going to lose a few more parking spaces!!!

New parking restrictions planned across the area

Lewisham Council is planning to introduce a number of new parking restrictions in the area, seemingly to improve sight lines and access for pedestrians and cyclists. We were sent the list by Alison, who lives on Ewhurst Road and is a little puzzled by the plans to restrict parking near Ladywell Fields, which she says will cost a few spaces for seemingly little benefit.

If the plans go ahead, there will be no waiting at any time at:

- Bovill Rd both sides within 1m of Gabriel Street south kerb line
- Brockley Rise east side within 10m of junction Lowther Hill
- Brockley View east side 5m length at Blythe Hill Fields path access point opposite junction Duncombe Hill
- Courthill Road southwest side adjacent to either side of traffic island outside 128 and 156 Courthill Road
- Crofton Park Rd west side 41m length spanning Sevenoaks Road access point opposite junction Ewhurst Road
- Crofton Prak Road east side within 21m north and 16,m south of junction Ewhurst Road
- Ewhurst Road both sides within 5m of junction Crofton Park Road
- Ewhurst Road east side 7.5m length at Ladywell Fields path access point adjacent 115 Ewhurst Road
- Gabriel St south side within 5m junction Bovill Road
- Gabriel St south side within 5m east of junction Garthorne Road
- Garthorne Road southeast side within 4.5m southwest of junction Gabriel St
- Grierson Road northwest side 3.3 length and 6.6m from junction Honor Oak Park
- Grierson Road southeast side 1.8m length 6.6m from junction Honor Oak Park
- Lowther Hill both sides within 10m of junction Brockley Rise
- Manor Lane west side 10m length at network rail site access point between the two rail-over-the-road bridges between junctions with Fernbrook Road and Milbrough Crescent
-Montacute Road northwest side 3.2m length at Blythe Hill Fields path access point between 40 and 42 Montacute Road

The plans, which were advertised in the Mercury(!), can be commented on by:

"Writing to Lewisham Transport Policy & Development, Wearside Service Centre, Wearside Road, SE13 7EZ, to arrive not later than 21 days from the date of publication of this notice (Jan 4th 2012)."

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13-01-2012 07:28 PM

Parking problems near Honor Oak Park, parking around the station Devonshire, Grierson, Ballina, Lessing, Gabriel, Weylu etc has become impossible the Crofton Park Councillors have sated that a CPZ will be 120 per year - I know times are hard but this works out to be around 32 pence per day to park on your road/street in this area. DEF WORTH IT BUT THEY NEED AS MUCH RESPONSE AS POSSIBLE FOR THIS TO BE TAKEN FORWARD.

Any views for or against?:

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13-01-2012 08:11 PM

Strongly against at this point in time we need to see what impact East london line phase 2 has on the parking situation first as a number of the vehicles are coming from the direction of East Dulwich and beyond proven by which local 'no through' roads are fully occupied and which ones have capacity (wont mention road names however I expect that locals are aware of the roads with/without issues).

Although it is started out a low cost, other areas prove that it keeps going up therefore its not the starting price that bothers me, its the cost in 10yrs unless of course they are willing to provide a fixed price for 10yrs.

Both the articles below show what has happened in other areas:

I think we should wait and see the situation after ELL2 and if parking is still an issue then we look at CPZ. My fear is we implement a CPZ around the same time as ELL2 (due to completed this year) and it turns out that the number of cars parking is reduced meaning that we are stuck with the cost without much of a benefit.

Lastly there will be an impact to the local high street and i know one solution is to have CPZ controlled hours of say 11-12 to stop the commuters however its another consideration that needs to be fed in.

I live on one of the worst affected roads and as a home worker who visits clients i appreciate that when i return during the day that finding a parking spot is a nightmare however we are too close to a major piece of transport to make this decision particulalry when you look at the impact of ELL which created some of the parking issues.

Just ny thoughts

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13-01-2012 09:00 PM

Parking around Devonshire Rd, Grierson Rd, Ballina St, Lessing Street, Tatnell Rd, Weylu, Ackroyd Rd, big problem often have to walk with kids, shopping mother in-law etc several roads to get to my own road.

Parking issues definetly got worst due to East London Line, more converted properties and soon to be additional 14 properties behind shops of Honor Oak Park parade. Not only is it the problems with parking, but also pollution from cars, noise of loud music from cars at all hours car doors slamming etc. Links to othe staions in the area Crofton Park, Forest Hill, Ladywell and Catford are all walkable and should discourage locals using cars for short trips and using parking all day.

Local shops will be unaffected by CPZ as short term parking bays allow good turnaround of shoppers and can be possibly only opertae from Mon-Fri.

Food for thought!

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13-01-2012 09:33 PM

I'm with mrcee on this. CPZs are a contagion. Even if the CPZ were just in the roads off HOP, the parking would be pushed further afield, until they got a CPZ and so on, until the whole area is one big CPZ and the council are just rubbing their hands at the thought of all that lovely, regular annual income that they do absolutely nothing to earn.

And as for shops in HOP not being affected, I wonder what the definition of "short term" parking bays are? Half and hour, an hour if you're lucky. Rather takes the shine off a nice lunch at Try or Hopscotch with a friend, if you have to rush it because a car is on the clock. And I'd say at least 90% of clients at Barbaros are there well over an hour - it usually takes me around three!!

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18-01-2012 12:34 AM

I live near HOP and I am against a CPZ. It was also discussed about 7 years ago to the point where the council leafleted the street. A figure of 120 was discussed. Who knows what it could end up costing and I already pay enough to drive thanks.
Besides once a street has CPZ it simply pushes them onto the next street.

The convenience of having a car far outweighs the hardship of being unable to park right outside my door every now and then.

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18-01-2012 12:49 PM

Agreed with mrcee, shzl400 and hoppit on this. Yes there is a parking problem but a CPZ really helps no one but the council.

Better public transport links are surely the answer here. It's wonderful having an Overground station but there is something missing here if little (or nothing?) has been done to help people get to it.

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19-01-2012 11:38 AM

Struggling with a buggy and two kids and the weekly shop after having spent ages trying to find somewhere to park near our house V parking right out front. That's why I supported our CPZ.

I am not happy about the massive increase in cost and I, along with quite a few people, have complained to the council. I would still rather pay to have it than not to have it.

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