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Parking on Gabriel St, Grierson Rd, Lessing St etc
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27-09-2010 01:07 PM

A shuttle bus is a good idea but I think installing an escalator or ski lift on Manor Mount would be even better. Given that the road is one way I think there should be room for a ski lift to help people get up the hill.

But this was meant to be about Honor Oak Park. Unfortunately with commuters parking everywhere they can close to the station, it impacts on local businesses as well as residents.

My suggestion would be pay and display close to the shops in HOP (just like on Dartmouth Road) and residents in local roads need to seriously consider if they want a CPZ. The CPZ could be like on Manor Mount where some spaces are for both pay and display and residents with permits.

Forest Hill Central is not really a car free development, there are some parking spaces in the grounds and they are entitled to park cars round the corner, except on Hindleys Place, which is a CPZ.

I have always opposed the introduction of charges in Perry Vale car park. The result of the charges is hundreds of commuters parking on the surrounding roads (Church Vale, Westbourne Drive, South Road, Perry Vale, Dacres Road) and little additional revenue for the council.

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27-09-2010 02:25 PM

It's a shame that the Lewisham Council approach to everything is so limited - there appears to be no room for initiative or creative solutions.

Problem - Perry Value car park can't be free because from experience it was packed full of commuter cars by 8.30am every day (though some of these might have been people working in FH). These days it's empty for most of the day (aside from the Streetcars based there and FH Cars cabs emptying their ashtrays) and thus largely a waste of space.

Suggestion - why not have 80% of the spaces left as free (gratis, rather than empty) all day for commuter use and 20% pay and display (with the first 30 mins free) to allow people to come and go or pick things up from the sorting office? That would alleviate some of the stress on surrounding roads, make better use of the car park and still leave it as an option for more local people during the day.

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27-09-2010 03:35 PM

An excellent idea, davidl, and just what I was thinking myself.

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27-09-2010 03:53 PM

Seems like a good idea to me but the different areas would need to be clearly designated, with hourly parking at both ends.

The majority of spaces for commuters could have a charge attached at a level that is not punative (i.e. 1 per day). My expectation is that this would actually start to generate revenues for the council, but it is difficult to get the level right based on the fact that there is free parking in all the neighbouring streets. It should also be possible to buy a ticket for a week or two, so that we have our own long-term parking for Gatwick (I hate struggling up a hill with a suitcase at the end of my journey).

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20-10-2010 08:16 PM

I live on Grierson road and have two young kids. I can't park on the road I live in greater than 50% of the time since the station upgrade. This is obviously as a result of the fact that the area is now one big park and ride car park for people who live nowhere near the area. It wsa bad before the uprgrade but now, it is untenable. It's not acceptable for my wife and other residents with kids/cars to struggle with two kids and shopping from one or two roads away just to accomodate a park and ride scenario for people who don't live in the area.

I appreciate the creativity and suggestions on this thread. However, to me it really isn't complicated - we MUST have a CPZ ASAP. Without it, this is no longer a viable place for people with young families to live.

100 - 150 a year is a minor price to pay to make this an area worth living in again rather than a park and ride car park.

I used to live in a road in North London with permit parking and it cost me circa 100 per year and worked just fine. I don't understand why anyone who lives in the area wouldn't support it. Even if you don't have a car you should support this since making the area inherently unattractive for families to live in will ultimately devalue your property and change the nature of the area anyway (who would actually choose to live in a park and ride car park?).

Oh - and just as an advance apology - if you are in a hurry and I need to unload my shopping/kids/other, you will be better off backing up and taking another road because if I can't park in the road where I live because people from miles away are parked there then I will be blocking the road for the time it takes me to unload and you will be waiting. This will not change until a CPZ is introduced... I will be blocking the road on a regular basis.

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21-10-2010 08:06 AM

Hi Rob I think it might have been me that you blocked in last night for a few minutes? Smile Don't worry I do share your frustration, during our brief chat I agreed with you that things are getting out of hand. It is also frustrating for people having to wait for people to unload due to lack of space. I live on Gabriel Street and experience the same thing, maybe not as much as Grierson Road as it is nearer the station. Think there will come a point where CPZ will need to be enforced.

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21-10-2010 09:10 AM

I know somebody who drives their car from Ewart Road and parks it at the end of Garthorne Road every day. Saves them walking the whole 0.2 miles...

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21-10-2010 09:48 AM

I must admit changed my mind on this.
Used to be very anti CPZ 's as when living in Mid Devonshire Rd thought they were not required as you could always find a place.
But when I moved to the FH end of Dacres Rd my views changed. All houses there have private garages and at 10pm or 7 am virtually empty of parked cars , but by 8 am full up right down Bampton Rd.
All these people either are local and should walk to the station or long distance and should get a train from their local station.
Roll on CPZ's

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21-10-2010 12:33 PM

Has any one spoken to the Council about a CPZ in this area? There would need to be a full consultation but I'm with those that don't have a problem with them as long as the total number of spaces is not substantially reduced.

The idea for Perry Vale is very good (make money, aleviate congestion and bring people into the town centre) and we should speak to the Council about that one too!

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22-10-2010 09:01 AM

Why is it always assumed that it is people driving from far and wide to park.

Sometimes it is people who live in the neighbourhood, who may use the car to take kids to school and then park and go to work, so that when they return from work, they can pick up car, make it to pick up kids and get home.

Living in Crofton Park, I am guilty of parking once in awhile near Brockley station when I drop of my child at nursery on route, as I know I can catch a later train home if I have the car and still make the 6pm pick up time at the nursery. I will probably be crucified for owning up to it.

The only way to stop it is to have a CPZ of some sort. You dont own the road or the right to park outside your house. I do not live near the station but at times I am not able to park in front of my house either and this is not due to commuter parking but the fact that many houses own more than one car/van.

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22-10-2010 09:05 AM

I think the main issue with CPZ is not so much the fee you pay for your own car but the problems it creates for visitors and tradespeople when you have them/ need them.

The visitor vouchers which you have to buy on top of the annual fee can be quite a money spinner for the council.

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22-10-2010 09:18 AM

Hi Mljay,

Good point - alot of people are just using the road I live on to park and ride when they actually live nearby.

By the way - I know I don't "own" the road Smile The point is, whilst I don't own it and don't even wish to be bale to park outside my house, I do think I have the right to be able to park near it, over and above those who chose to live further away from a train station? However, most of all, my point is this: I bought a house for me and my family to live in, in a residential street which was, even at that time (pre-East London line) difficult to park in. No problem, I don't own the road and I will live with having to park 100-200 yds away because it is difficult to park where I have chosent to live. However, now, because of my proximity to the station and the station upgrade, the road I live in is now a park and ride carpark. I did not buy a house in a park and ride car park. So, whilst I don't own the road, I also don't deserve my home being turned into a car park?

To your point about visitor passes - I know, I paid for these also when I lived for seven years in a CPZ in North London - it worked very well indeed. Again, paying for these was a no brainer for me as compared to the daily problems associated with living in a car park. I'd happily pay a few hundred pounds per year to avoid living in a car park.

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22-10-2010 09:25 AM

Hi Tersie,

Yes it was me - sorry about were on of three people I spoke to whilst unloading my shopping.

Actually - to some extent you inspired the previous post Smile

I responded to your PM also. Cheers, R

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22-10-2010 12:14 PM

mljay makes a good point. Almost all of us car owners are part of the problem, regardless of where we live.

We find excuses to justify our car ownership which means there are more households owning a car than ever. Lots of people find excuses to own more than one car per household making things worse. Build into this the trend for properties converted to multiple households and it's even worse.

Cant see it getting any better, CPZs or no CPZs.

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05-06-2011 02:57 PM

hi, i'm just wondering if this situation is about the same or getting better/worse? we were looking to move to one of these streets. we don't use our car that much, though i may be on maternity at some point with an infant and currently we have a nanny who'd want to be parking on the street at around 8am or 9am. My impression is this might be impossible! and if it is impossible, how far away do people usually have to park from their homes to get a space?

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06-06-2011 12:31 PM

I think TFL is already on the case because people have come round to do interviews on how people are travelling to the station.

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06-06-2011 01:06 PM

Hi Chantelle

We've just moved into this area and were really worried about the parking situation ahead of time given the lack of residents' zone. BUT I am pleased to report it is much better than we feared and we have almost always managed to get a park on our street or just around the corner. Admittedly we're not often looking for a park at 8 or 9 am, but I have noticed that there are often spaces around that time without needing to walk too far. It's a lovely area and neighbours have been so welcoming - don't be put off by fears about parking!

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06-06-2011 01:33 PM

It's amazing how one vehicle can make all the difference though. We were having some problems with parking for a while but my neighbour just recently got rid of his truck and now there is always somewhere to park. I think sometimes it's more about two car + households than commuters.

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13-06-2011 04:24 PM

I live on Garthorne and I have to say on the whole I don't find it bad, but I only my car at the weekend

I would definately vote for control parking if the optio was available, and if I needed to stop to offload shopping/babies, I would certainly do so without feeling guilt!

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15-06-2011 04:52 PM

Lewisham Council are looking into CPZ at the moment as I understand that it is becoming an issue for lots of residents who live near to the station. I have been in touch with Alex Feakes who I think wants to hear from people who have issues with the current parking system in HOP. His email address is:

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