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Bag snatch near HOP
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29-07-2010 03:50 PM

About noon today, bag snatch near corner of Tatnell Rd and Grierson Rd. Guy fled down gardens between Tatnell and Parbury and exited through house (open back door) into Parbury and off towards Stondon Park.

He dropped the bag and other stuff in gardens on his way so everything recovered and, according to Police, the victim was uninjured.

Very fast response from Police including sniffer dogs and plain-clothes street crime unit. They haven't caught him yet.

They said it was very unusual in the Crofton Park ward and probably just opportunistic. No sign of a trend.

This guy must be fit - jumped several 6 foot or higher fences at a sprint.

I didn't see him myself so can't share a decription.

Seems a shame to say beware leaving your back-door open but I guess it might not do any harm to be extra vigilent for a few days.

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29-07-2010 08:30 PM

Hello, I was the victim of the mugging, and I came on here to say a HUGE thank you to all the incredibly lovely and kind people who poured onto the street to see why a middle aged woman was shooting down the street shrieking 'That man stole my bag' like a demented car alarm. I truly appreciate it from the very bottom of my heart. The lovely lady with the gorgeous dalmation who offered me tea, the fantastic lady who urged the man to drop my bag, all the people who found my possessions, the pregnant lady who walked back to the station to get the bags on the floor left when I gave chase...all of you, you restored my faith in humanity and in SE23! The good news is, despite being shoved about and having my bag dragged off my arm in broad daylight by a bloke in a balaclava, which was pretty shocking, I a fine, and I think a combination of my deciding to give chase, yelling like a banshee, and all the marvellous people of Gierson road and environs for coming out, frightened the mugger into dropping all my stuff, and not only was it found, but people came out to get it and went to great lengths to try to find me to return it to me (thanks Barry!). It really made me feel as if I was living in a true community and almost made it worthwhile being mugged. The police were fantastic too - so nice, supportive, funny and committed. I know this sounds like a Gwyneth Paltrow Oscar speech, and yes, I've had a much needed glass of wine, but I was so pleased to find such an upside of a horrible incident. So THANK YOU all. You are my heroes.

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29-07-2010 08:33 PM

Dear Cecily
What a lovely e mail and glad you are OK and everyone so helpful

Let us hope the Met catch the Man and Put him away

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29-07-2010 08:38 PM

Thank you too. And I have to admit, when I saw him streaking away over the gardens, and heard dogs barking, I felt an ignoble thrill at the thought of his getting a good biting! I think he enjoyed the whole process a lot less than he thought he would, and ended up with nothing, which I am pleased about. I chased him partly out of fury that he thought it was OK to push me around and take my (not very exciting) stuff. but also because I thought that he could really hurt and frighten someone frailer than me if he carried on.

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29-07-2010 08:40 PM

If anyone reads this and knows the people I am referring to in Grierson and Parbury road, please pass on my thanks. I am truly grateful for all the support and courage shown. It completely took the sting out of the incident for me.

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29-07-2010 11:59 PM

Sorry to hear about this Cecily, but wonderful to see proof that the majority of folks have their hearts in the right places. Well done to all of them and well done to you for making a point of thanking them publicly even although you must still be a bit shaken. Let's also hope the failed thief is also shaken enough so as not to try again on someone else (I feel sure he won't try on you!!).

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30-07-2010 08:27 AM

Glad you are OK Cecily and wonderful to hear of the response you had.

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30-07-2010 09:01 AM

Thanks BarCar for the report and thanks Cecily for you posts, really glad that your ok now and hopefully there is no lasting problems

Agree this sort of incidents do appear to be rare, yet as we have heard, best to never let your guard drop, be vigilant at all times, god Im sounding like Shaw Taylor, for those old enough too remember Police 5 on TV, so apologies for that

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30-07-2010 12:51 PM

glad to hear you are alright.

I always check behind me when i start heading down Grierson Rd when coming back from work in my suit, just in case anyone unsavoury appears to be following me, possible paranoia but it's part of being streetwise IMO

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Jon Lloyd

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30-07-2010 01:26 PM

The police might say this was isolated, but there was another mugging on Grierson Road reported in Feb this year on this site. Maybe they should be told to look into links?

Hope you're OK Cecily.

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30-07-2010 01:30 PM

Well that is bad, yet one in Feb & then one in July, like I said in another post, I think we are very lucky to live in FH/HOP, look at other boroughs and this happens everyday, thats not to say that im defending what has happened to Cecily and whomever was attacked in Feb, just trying to say that hopefully it is a rare event in FH/HOP

Shame we cannot send Cecily some flowers to brighten her day and show that we all care

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30-07-2010 01:39 PM

So glad to hear you are ok - what an awful experience.
excuse the language - makes me so angry!

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