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Dog c**p around Garthorne, Gabriel, Ackroyd & Bovill
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02-09-2010 11:50 AM

Although Kay has been very helpful, Kay's main role is a statutory one in dealing with stray dogs, and we request that people shouldn't call her mobile number regarding this issue as it is needed in the main for her to perform her role in collecting stray and sometimes dangerous dogs, where she may need to contact the Police for assistance.

The Council has a call centre, which is contactable on 020 8314 7171, who can then direct the issue of dog fouling to the appropriate department.

You can contact the call centre to:

- Report instances of dog fouling (alternatively log on to to report via your phone)
- Get involved in any of our action days or have ideas of your own that we could explore to address the problem of dog fouling
- Inform us of anyone who acts irresponsibly (you may be required to provide a witness statement which could then lead to action being taken against the irresponsible dog owner).

In November 2009 the Council introduced a borough wide dog control order, which made not clearing up after your dog one of five offences. Anyone who commits an offence under any of the provisions of the Dog Control Order may be liable on conviction in the Magistrates Court to a fine of up to £1,000.

The Council and some of its partners can issue £75 Fixed Penalty Notices for Dog Control offences and anyone who fails to pay a Fixed Penalty Notice may be prosecuted. In order to enforce the Dog Control Orders a partnership approach has been adopted, which enables the limited resources of the partner organisations to come together and tackle the issue and this is now co-ordinated through the BARK (Borough Action for Responsible K9's) initiative.

Authorised officers include the Council's Enforcement Team, Wardens, Animal Welfare Officers, some Glendales Park Rangers, some Housing Officers and the Safer Neighbourhood Teams, all of which have their own Fixed Penalty Notice book. One of the issues that we have found is that people tend to act responsibly when they come across an authorised officer.

However, in response to the rise in dog fouling officers in the Council have undertaken a number of Responsible Animal Ownership Days to educate and advise the borough’s residents and visitors of their responsibilities as dog owners. This has included a poster competition for local school children, putting the ‘Bag It & Bin It’ stencils on pavements, letter drops, posters in shop windows and patrols in local parks.

Further work will be undertaken to raise the profile of this issue in September by 'piggy backing' on to Keep Britain Tidy's national dog fouling campaign, where we will be running events in various locations around the borough. Please look out for further details on the Council's website.

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02-09-2010 12:23 PM

Thanks for responding to this but it just goes to show that although there are a fair number of departments to report this to there seems to be no coherent interaction between departments or with the public based on the experience of the people on this thread.

I must have made 15 phone calls trying to get through to the right person to take action. SNT (understandibly) are not responsible and referred me to BARK but the Lewisham switchboard operators, the Anti-social behavioural team, the Street Wardens, Environmental Services, Community Safety all had not heard of BARK. In fact it was Environmental Services on 020 8314 7171 who INSISTED after me calling them three times that I report it to the police at SNT. Unfortunately I've lost the woman's name who I spoke to twice about this and wasn't that interested - she certainly hadn't heard of BARK.

Yes Kay was very helpful but she was the ONLY one who made an effort to help and not pass the buck.

Can I ask that someone explain all this to the staff at Environmental Services so that people like myself, tripandfuschia and the other people on this thread can get action when we have specific information about offences and offenders?

Thanks for your help.

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02-09-2010 01:14 PM

Thank you to LewishamCouncil for the verification post Thumbsup

Hope some of these inconsierate people get dealt with soon.

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02-09-2010 10:50 PM

My wife was working at her desk the oher day and saw someone's dog leave a deposit in front of our home. The responsible owner cleaned up after their hound and promptly put the package into our recycling bin Crying

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03-09-2010 12:20 AM

Eek 8-10 for effort, unfortunate ending though eh. Guess it still beats stepping in it.Crying

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06-09-2010 11:27 AM

I had a long conversation last week with a representitive of BARK at Lewisham Council.

It is clear that her department are working hard in the fight against dog owners who allow their dogs to foul in public places. Unfortunately the Council call centre was not informed of this new BARK department but the resulting confusion and mis-direction to the SNT has now (hopefully) been stopped.

She confirmed that:

the Council call centre on 020 8314 7171 is the first place you should call about dog fouling and the operator will put you through to the appropriate department.

Let's all work together to catch the offenders.

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14-09-2010 03:23 PM

I've just read this thread with interest.

I'm a runner who can be out for a 20 mile run all over London, and as I turn into Garthorne or Ackroyd or Gabriel street I'm faced with playing hop-scotch to avoid the flaming poo.

I have challenged people, to mixed results, I think most of them are just trying to get away from this sweaty heap. The most abusive person was actually an elderly woman who just let go a string of expletives.

For the record, I LOVE the Hastings posters.

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08-10-2010 08:06 PM

I absolutely sick of all the dog mess!
Its getting worse!!

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10-10-2010 12:38 PM

I would love to know how many people have actually been charged and fined with dog fouling offences. I suspect not many, as it would require officers to actually patrol residential side streets which is never going to happen. It's the perfect job for PCSOs and if I knew they were exerting some power in this area, it might restore my faith in their existence.

As for the stencils on the pavements, I once walked past a bright yellow one near Codrington Hill. 20cm away from it, a dog had taken a massive dump. Not a great deterrant, and quite frankly the image of a dog sat next to a literally steaming pile of poop doesn't really do much for the neighbourhood. Unless Banksy did them, of course, whereby I welcome them wholeheartedly!

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