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30 degrees and bus heating on
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30-06-2010 04:44 PM

Last year you and yours on radio 4 investigated why some of Londons buses had the heating on during a heatwave. It was established that on many buses the heating can only be turned off by an engineer, that they have a legal obligation to do this at certain temperatrures and that it would take a week to manage this. This article made no sense to me as presumably the bus companies know that they will need to turn the heating off in the summer ( not because you and yours are making a fuss). Today and on other days this week the p4 had the heating on , as do other buses. If you think it is not acceptable to be sitting on a bus significantly hotter than the outside temperature, because it is full to bursting with passengers generating body heat but more importantly it has a pipe running down the inside discourging heat please contact tfl or radio 4 you and yours asking them to investigate again. There are articles on the news every summer about temperatures on the underground ( which may require a lot of money to fix) but the problem of heating switched on on buses ( which does not) seems to be overlooked.

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30-06-2010 04:55 PM

I can better that, last week on one of the earlier really hot days this year, I had to travel on the London Overground "the fomer "North London Line" from Dalston Kingsland to Highbury and Islington. On boarding it was pretty packed and not a window open, no air conditioning either although LO boast their trains are air con'd. It was blooming horrible, sticky and sweaty on that train.

Animals travel in better conditions than humans and this is the 21st Century?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

What message will this portray to all those travelling to the 2012 Olympics? LO hang your heads in shame.

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30-06-2010 05:24 PM

God, They are still doing this? I got told exactly the same thing many years ago (when I travelled public transport regularly) and was shocked to be told that they had to get a specialist in to turn it off. Who the heck designs a vehicle with a huge design flaw like that?

I have always found the Northern Line to be hot and stuffy. The people in charge of the underground once released a statement that said it was too HOT to have AC in all the carriages!

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30-06-2010 05:42 PM

It is a big design flaw twitchyarmadillo, but having been challenged with legal ramifications last year, they gave a public assurance to the bbc they would get all heating turned off ( as I said before it doesnt make sense to me as they must know each summer it will be too hot to have it on so why not just set a date each year and do it) This current heat wave was forecast and has lasted for a week, so why isnt it done? More to the point why not just do it anyway at the start of the summer? I have spoken with tfl before about this, they dont seem to care. I wonder if the best way is to pressure the bbc to investigate again ( you and yours radio 4)

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30-06-2010 07:48 PM

It's bad enough that the modern buses don't have open windows on the upper deck at the front of the bus which has led to greenhouse conditions in the summer.

Even on the single deckers especially the 356, I've noticed how hot it is even with the windows open and the heating off.

Surely it's a design flaw with these buses?

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