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So what's so special about us?
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07-01-2008 10:16 PM

I've just had a peek at some of the other sites, ie etc, and there is not a great deal going on on these compared with where we have a lot of new members on board. Is this because of the particular history of, ie its been going a long time with an established base of users who introduce new people to the site, or is it that we are just more prolific posters in se23 and / or whose interest in community affairs is above average. Perhaps we are just very internet savvy ?( nerd, if you want to be negative). Or are we just so devoid of social skills we prefer virtual exchanges to the challenges of real people.
It would be interesting to see whether anyone has done any research on the community development /cohesion effect and impact ( positive and negative) of such websites on local areas and on individuals, and of course what people think has been the effect on se23 and their own lives, and finally the potential of such sites to change things in a community.

I have spoken to friends in neighbouring areas and they don't seem the least interested in participating in their local site. So whats so special about us?

Roz, always aspiring to get into the top 3% of intelligent posters.

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08-01-2008 10:57 AM

I think there is a reasonably healthy Brockley one. The Sydenham forum also seems quite popular. I suspect that the 'East Dulwich Forum' is busier than this one, and there is also a longstanding 'Virtual Norwood'.

It's hard to judge which is busiest, most popular or best but I think the other 'SE' forums to which you refer are a bit of brand expansion by our webmaster, no? They are a bit more recent so they may take a bit more time to get off the ground, as this one has.

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08-01-2008 12:28 PM

Although has been going for just over 5 years, it still seems to me to be a relatively short period of time given that I've known the Forest Hill area for over half a century. This makes me think about how news and events were communicated to the local community before came along and what impact it has had.

I suppose that if we were to consider (say) the recent water leak in Honor Oak road, then prior to it is quite feasible that (subsequent power cut aside!) the remainder of Forest Hill would have known very little about it other than through general conversation including the telephone. Perhaps it might have got a mention on radio travel news, but it could have taken the best part of a week for the whole area to get to know about it when it might have got a mention in the local newspaper.

So in terms of the impact on the local community that has had, then it has to be the speed with which news and events can be communicated. Within minutes of an event taking place, then potentially the whole Forest Hill area can be made aware.

Essentially though, it is so convenient. It's a bit different to the days when catching up on the local news meant a stroll to the bandstand in Hornimans park on a Sunday for a gossip with other local folk!

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08-01-2008 07:10 PM is as quiet as a graveyard. Perhaps aspirations in that area are fulfilled!

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09-01-2008 02:35 PM

Maybe in SE23 we have a bit more community spirit because FH is quite a small place, but I think has things to offer other places do not, i.e. the Horniman Museum and park (and some pretty good views), the swimming pool that I bet a lot of us never used but we still want to retain because of the lovely facade. There's a lot of interest in the coming of the overground/tube, etc. I don't know Lewisham well, but I can't think of much it has to offer, apart from shops. I know where I'd rather be!

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12-01-2008 05:32 PM

Theotherbrian Wrote: is as quiet as a graveyard. Perhaps aspirations in that area are fulfilled!

You'll find the SE22 forum on I had the impression it was busier than ours.

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13-01-2008 08:52 PM

I'm with sue that we have more of a community spirit than other postcode forums and that there is a higher volume of traffic to attract interest. I'm on the sydenham site aswell and they are quite good but not many new topics are posted there as frequently as at the forest hill forum and the posts are of a more varied nature. It's a bit late I know but happy new year from the only living wolf in forest hill so howl back.

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