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Connecting a dishwasher
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14-10-2007 08:20 PM

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Joined 20-08-2007
Posted on Monday, 24 September, 2007 - 03:06 pm:

Can anybody recommend me a local handyman?
I've bought a dishwasher and just need to connect it and a plumber asked me for ?70, which is nearly as much as the price of the dishwasher!
Sure it's a 5 minutes job...

Joined 17-03-2005
Posted on Monday, 24 September, 2007 - 04:18 pm:

Depends on whether an old one needs disconnecting first and whether the plumbing is up to current standards. Unfortunately this does seem the usual price for the job. Try logging on to the John Lewis website - the electrical appliances section - and locating one through them via the ' find an installer ' button.

Joined 01-01-2003
Posted on Monday, 24 September, 2007 - 04:30 pm:

Gep, if you still need responses please give your email address.

Joined 24-03-2004
Posted on Monday, 24 September, 2007 - 06:41 pm:

Well, if it's a five minute job why don't you do it yourself?

Even if it were literally a five minute job, there's still the travel, getting set up etc.

Joined 20-08-2007
Posted on Monday, 24 September, 2007 - 09:21 pm:

Thanks for the reply Roz.
Nothing needs disconnecting and everything should be ready because the previous owner of the flat had a dishwasher.
For Hilltopgeneral:
1) I might do it myself in the end, but it would be nice to have it done by somebody that has done it before
2) I'm not sure what you mean for "getting set up". I understand the travelling, that's why I said I'm looking for a local person. I'm not looking for a qualified corgi-registered plumber, but just somebody that has done it before

Joined 29-07-2007
Posted on Tuesday, 25 September, 2007 - 11:44 am:


Connecting a dishwasher is very easy. Just connect the inlet pipe to the pipe on the wall (it will probably have a blue tap on it) and the soil pipe (with a U Shaped plastic clip on the end) to the outlet pipe (this will not have a tap on).

I am sure I didn't use the correct terminology there, but then I am not a plumber. it's very easy, I promise. Just give it a go.

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