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Poll: Which is your favourite pub in SE23?
This poll is closed.
All in One / Foresters 8.76% 22 8.76%
Bar Equal 2.79% 7 2.79%
Bird in Hand 0.80% 2 0.80%
Blythe Hill Tavern 8.37% 21 8.37%
Bricklayers Arms 1.20% 3 1.20%
Dartmouth Arms 23.51% 59 23.51%
Forest Hill Hotel 2.39% 6 2.39%
Forest Hill Tavern 2.79% 7 2.79%
General Napier 2.39% 6 2.39%
Honor Oak 22.31% 56 22.31%
Perry Hill 0.80% 2 0.80%
Prince of Wales 1.20% 3 1.20%
Railway Tavern 2.39% 6 2.39%
Tapastry 5.18% 13 5.18%
The Capitol 4.38% 11 4.38%
The Hob 7.17% 18 7.17%
The Question 2.79% 7 2.79%
Moor Park Tavern (closed) 0.80% 2 0.80%
Total 251 votes 100%
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Which is your Favourite Pub in SE23?
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Posts: 272
Joined: Feb 2007
Post: #61
23-05-2009 07:04 AM

The Blythe is a fantastic pub - A good example of a good locals boozer. I actually drink there all the time. Con runs a tight ship there and there is a good atmosphere with no trouble at all. I am not saying all pubs should be like East Dulwich at all, but something like the Sun and Doves would be great.

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Posts: 73
Joined: May 2008
Post: #62
23-05-2009 11:44 AM

Glad you like the Blythe and the Sun & Doves too, Tersie, but remembering the outcry a few years back from some of the faces who drink in the Chandos, simply cos the windows were made marginally more transparent, I don't think everyone who drinks there would agree with the statement that "it could do with a revamp so that local people who frequent it would be able to enjoy it much more" :-)

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Posts: 49
Joined: Mar 2004
Post: #63
24-05-2009 12:41 AM

I live quite near the Chandos, and have been in there precisely once, and it was perfectly OK - just not the sort of pub I'd normally visit, though I'd be happy to visit again. It was perfectly friendly the time I visited, and has the atmosphere of an old-skool pub, with some nice pictures of the area in days gone by on the wall, and a mixed clientele.

It's a local pub for local people and always seems well-frequented (I pass by it quite a lot).

Why can people not just accept it for what it is instead of wanting to turn it into some East Dulwich-alike bar aimed at the young and well-off?

Sorry, but you can't live as close as me then. I hear the screaming and swearing every weekend without fail, and the breaking glasses (probably over somebodies head). You call that a prefectly pleasant place. I'd hate to see a rough place in your book! Its full of drunks (OK there must be a few normal people in there, but I wouldn't say very many). Its foul, has a rotten reputation, and if you casually hang arond over any weekend you'll see a plethora of drung deals going on 'blatantly' as me and my partner did recently, quite horrific.
This place changing would be great for the area, and allow 'normal' people to have another place to go. I used to be all for old fashioned pubs and spent most of my youth frequenting them, but these days (apart fromk the Blythe I might add) they just attract methyrs and druggie boys who like to shout at 12am like cavemen when the people in my road want to sleep!

Next time you walk by, check the broken windows (still not fixed). Apparently broken by somebodies skull I hear. Niiiiiceeeee!

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Posts: 272
Joined: Feb 2007
Post: #64
24-05-2009 07:44 AM

Psyche9 I was trying to be diplomatic to some of the folk on here who may for some reason enjoy drinking in there ;-) Personally I agree with Megan, I live close enough to it to hear and see all these goings on.

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Posts: 204
Joined: Nov 2007
Post: #65
24-05-2009 10:41 AM

@ Megan.

If you lived near some ponced up pub with a late licence and a DJ you'd probably get the same problems, just caused by middle class people instead of working class people.

How would you define 'normal' people? When I went in the Chandos I thought most of the people were normal. I'm not disbelieving you that it has a rough element, BTW.

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Posts: 49
Joined: Mar 2004
Post: #66
24-05-2009 10:47 AM

Normal people - maybe what I shold have said is people that don't fight at the end of a night and scream into the early hours. Look, I have my own opions, you yours ...maybe the Chandos should have its own thread as it has so many opinions

I'm all up for a new 'poncey middleclass' pub is SE23 so any new venture would certainly get my business, so long as they keep the druggie/fighting/methyr element out. Nothing worse than seeing the same faces propping up the bar all day! I have to agree that the majority of peoplle seem to like these pubs in these changing times. I have read what people have said about lacking an atmostpshere. Each to their own I say. I think the Bishop in E Dulwich has plenty of atmosphere and would be quite happy to have something like that here.

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Posts: 204
Joined: Nov 2007
Post: #67
24-05-2009 09:21 PM

I'm not averse to new pubs opening/refurbs where they're replacing something that's closed or is dead on its feet - I've yet to visit the Honor Oak but I've heard it's nice, and it's got to be an improvement on the old boarded-up St German's.

I don't like the idea of people deciding the old-skool pubs need changing when they are well-frequented and appear popular. Where would all the people who want to see some East Dulwich-style bar with ?4 bottles of beer and ciabatta sandwiches* expect the clientele of a pub like the Chandos to go?

By the way, I think it's inadvisable to state there's dealing at a (named) local pub on a public bulletin board. If there's crime & anti-social behaviour it's an issue for the police, council and/or brewery. Though I do sympathise with anyone living near that sort of thing.

* I just totally made that one up ;-), but I used to live in Clapham and know that sort of place very well.......Rofl

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