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Does Kirkdale Need a New Shop?
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23-06-2009 02:41 PM

Hello all

This is a post for any Sydenham people out there: I'm thinking of renting a shop on Kirkdale, near the junction with Dartmouth Road, and am very interested in hearing what kind of goods and services local people would like to see offered there. I'm thinking, loosely, homewares, local arts/crafts and perhaps a tea room - all comments (good, bad and indifferent) would be very gratefully received. I'd be keen to hear from you even if you'd like to see something completely different, too! All comments very welcome.

Thanking you all in hopes!

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23-06-2009 02:48 PM

Good Luck
Unusual to have someone who wants to open a shop/ cafe but no idea what but no problem retail is retail

You have a new Tesco Express up there plus Costcutter ( not for long I guess ) so avoid any thing that they sell. Apart from them seems to be motley selection of old furniture shops , estate agents etc.

Do not recall a quality coffee shop , nearest at the other end of Kirkdale. Not sure if could support a coffee shop but if a quality product hopefully they would

Once again very best wishes

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25-06-2009 05:38 PM

Yes, it does.

there are lots of empty shops in Kirkdale as opposed to Sydenham Road.

I would avoid anything there is already lots of and go for something that is wanted and missing.

So no fried chicken, greasy spoon, hairdressers, nail bar, newsagents with phonecard posters plastered over the window etc.

There are some really beautiful shops in Kirkdale. Whatever you do please pay homage to the shopfront and make it look beautiful. It will be cheaper too. Backlit illuminated signs are not allowed in this area.

Shops that most people I talk to want to see are:

A deli (possibly with a cafe attached).
A bicycle shop.
A Thai Restaurant (we don't have one nearby).
Kids clothes store.
There are lots of musicians in Sydenham. Everynight you will find lots of people leaving the train station with cello cases, violin cases etc. In Kirkdale there is a piano shop, but we have (incredibly) no music shop!
There are also lots of artists in Sydenham and the surrounding area, but again, incredibly, there is no art shop!

Hope that helps and good luck.

Have a look at

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26-06-2009 04:56 PM

You are taking a big chance with that stretch Its not exactly the High street and hasnt been really conducive to success.

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26-06-2009 05:01 PM

I still use Costcutters and would'nt touch Tescos with a bargepole.
Costcutters has always served me well and will continue to do so.
Too many large conglomerates push out the smaller shops.
I havent used Tescos since the Shirley Porter fiasco.Its a matter of principles.One either has principles or one does'nt.

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