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Lewisham Homes or Lewisham Council
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26-05-2009 11:44 PM

Hi all

I'm a leaseholder with Lewisham Homes, I bought my flat two years ago. I'm more than confused about how Lewisham Homes fits in with Lewisham Council and would appreciate any advice.

Earlier this year I got permission from Lewisham Council Building Control to add a toilet to my bathroom.

Lewisham Homes advised me that if Lewisham Council Building Control was happy that the changes met Building Regulations then it was okay to go ahead with the changes.

So I added the toilet after Building Control agreed that the existing waste pipe could handle foul water. Building Control came, viewed and approved it before I used it. I used it for a couple of weeks without any hassles.

Come Good Friday and the pipe overflowed causing damage to stuff in the flats below me and loads of stress for everyone involved (I went into labour the evening it happened, one neighbour stayed in a hostel for four nights while their flat dried out, another hurt his back spending 12 hours cleaning up his flat).

Now neither Lewisham Homes or Lewisham Council is admitting that they were at fault which is very frustrating because I followed everything they said to do in the order they said to do it!

Has anyone else has had similar problems when trying to improve their flat/home? I'd appreciate any advice on how Lewisham Homes works with Building Control.

Thanks in advance!

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08-06-2009 09:50 PM

An update.

I'm now following Lewisham Council's complaints procedure as recommended in another thread on this forum.

This is on their website by the way -

Hopefully this will get things sorted.

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10-06-2009 08:31 PM

Just out of curiosity, when you say "to blame" what do you mean?

From what you say, the damage was caused by a pipe that leaked, which by the sounds of it was not installed by either of them.

Im not sure what kind of blame you want them to accept.

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10-06-2009 10:09 PM

The pipe was an existing pipe from the 1960s, already carrying foul water from my bath and basin. The blockage was at ground level, I'm on the second floor.

Do you know what the process is, in terms of sign off to go ahead with improvements to my flat? It's unclear where the responsibility lies at the moment which is frustrating and makes future renovations scary Sad

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10-06-2009 10:54 PM

First and foremost I would find someone willing to confirm for you that the blockage was at the ground level. If this is the case, them I am assuming that the ground floor flat suffered from flooding from the first floor flat, assuming that the waste pipe is communal.

Once you can be sure of that, then I would direct a claim, and possibly inform your household insurers in the direction of Lewisham Homes. From that point im sure the claim will be passed to the relevant authority, and also to the councils claims assessors.

Also do you have in writing from both authorities their confirmation of agreement to the works being carried out.

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11-06-2009 08:51 AM

It sounds as if the problem was caused by a blocked pipe. Responsibility would normally lie with the person who caused this. I suggest it probably was not you as you had only been using the waste pipe for a short time. (I assume that you did not put anything unsual down the toilet.)
However, it is probably impossible to determine who or what caused the blockage.

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