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Renovated Sainsbury's Is it better?
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25-08-2023 03:33 PM

I went into the 'newly' renovated Sainsbury Branch on Wednesday and see that the kiosk size as been reduced and less clutter around it it is a lots more lighter and airer with a better and very good selection of goods especially on the Frozen food section as it used to be went I worked in the old store on frozen foods during the 1990's we had two and a half aisles of selling space and two small goods lift at each end of the store behind the tills which used to be the old buffer room which had a must larger goods lift and baling and opposite and the other small lift where the eggs used to be.

Glad to see that they have improved the amount of cases of eggs on display as you had to scramble (sorry no pun intended) to make sure you got some as the shelf was empty. I know we have still got the Avian flu present.

Trying to find stuff was a bit of a pain as the bread was hiding were the cereals aisle used to be. The other disappointment was that they have increased the number of self service tills and included ones for trolley which do not work as I found out at other supermarket as you can't put all of you shopping at once if you have a large shop and they have reduced the staffed tills to three which only one was open and probably not her fault during to lack of training from management took nearly 20 minutes with two customers in front of me. If this continues I will take my business somewhere else.

I am right that they used to be a disability lift for staff members to the first floor?. Not sure when it got removed?.

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25-08-2023 08:55 PM

Personally I'm surprised they installed three staffed checkouts as there was always only one checkout assistant on those tills before the renovation.

The whole self-checkouts for trollies or baskets only is nonsense. Just let everyone use any of the tills regardless. I've used the trolley self-checkout with a basket and not been told off by staff. On opening day, a manager actually asked some of us with baskets to move to the trolley only tills.

I agree it's taken me longer to find where everything is as it's such a dramatic move of the shelves than before and have forgotten things to buy previously, but I wouldn't be without the supermarket as travelling to Bell Green or Dulwich is an inconvienence as it was when they were closed.

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26-08-2023 06:38 PM

" cases of eggs on display as you had to scramble (sorry no pun intended) "

But don't tell me that you didn't mean to sneak this [French] one inThumbsup

" Trying to find stuff was a bit of a pain as the bread was hiding... "

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05-09-2023 08:31 PM

I agreed that it was a pain trying to find were the goods are but a least they have provided tags on the trolleys with the layout of them and also near the entrance.

Going back on the eggs situation I must withdraw that statement as their have got rid of the wheeled egg crates for some reason? and replaced them with shelving that was almost emptied including some of the other departments had low stock and is going back to its old ways.

If is continues I will take my trade to another supermarket as I have a better choice of three in Catford (Aldi, Lidi and Tesco) plus Iceland or in Lower Sydenham.

Has anyone been stopped to have their bags checked by security yet?. I have not but can see that been implemented soon. As it is happening a lots more lately.

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05-09-2023 09:22 PM

In Sainsbury's at Bell Green the exit from the self-service machines will not open until a customer scans the receipt.

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06-09-2023 11:23 AM

ditto Sainsbury's self checkouts at Dog Kennel Hill

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06-09-2023 03:06 PM

. . . and . . .following the major refurbishment . . . the roof STILL LEAKS. There were a few buckets around and the staff were complaining when I popped in during a heavy rain shower one day recently.

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