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Grange Court development DC/23/130280
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25-04-2023 11:30 AM

Hello Friends,

We need community support again, developers propose to build a 5-story / 29-unit block on the allotments and communal gardens at Taymount Grange.

The gardens are a valuable amenity for residents. However, the plan is a car-free development, and the proposal by the developer is to pay Lewisham to install a control parking zone CPZ in Forest Hill.

Also, the developer exploits the profitability rules by designing a development that appears below a threshold. Meaning there is no legal obligation to provide social or affordable housing.

We would kindly ask fellow community members to review the plan and submit their objections. DC/23/130280

We have created a website with simple click-through links to raise objections to the Lewisham planning.

Time is very short deadline for submissions is 2 May 2023.

Thank you for your support and welcome your opinions.

Taymount Grange Residents Association

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Posts: 23
Joined: May 2020
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27-04-2023 11:34 AM

Probably against forum policy, but need to bump this above historical planning application.


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27-04-2023 09:47 PM

Please even if you dont live in the immediate area this sets a precedent for greedy developers building onto our green spaces.
everyone should pull together and stop these overdevelopments of our local area.

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06-05-2023 05:41 PM

Taymount Rise residents,

Have you noticed the new bay parking marking on the street?

It seems as though Lewisham is laying the ground to push ahead by introducing a controlled parking zone CPZ. This is happening due to the proposals for car-free development at Green bank cottages and now Grange Court.

The marking out of bays will mean there will be fewer parking spaces for those with no choice but to park on the street. This will further increase parking stress in the area. People not fortunate enough to have off-street parking are going to have to pay to park here

This is the result of private developers offering funds to Lewisham council to make an over-developed site appear viable.

Private vehicle ownership is not a luxury lifestyle choice, for many a necessity for work obligations where their requirements are not met by public transport.

Let's see if we get consulted AND what is their criteria would be for refusal.......or will it just happen?

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09-05-2023 07:38 AM

Those parking lines aren't new but needed renewing. It will be interesting to see if they make their way further up the hill and whether they ticket car drivers who don't park on the pavement and cause an obstruction for vehicles using the road.

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09-05-2023 11:55 AM

Lewisham are looking at introducing borough wide Sustainable Streets (the cynical amongst you will see it as just greenwashed CPZs, others will see
it as making the streets better for all roads users) ,
with Honor Oak consulted earlier this year and a Forest Hill consultation expected later this year.

This consultation has funding already so it is unlikely the developer will be paying towards it or influencing it though they may say they would be happy to have parking restrictions on new residents but you can't put in a restriction if there is no target/CPZ for your restriction so it would only work if a CPZ was in place before the development finished.

The council seem to have given up on parking enforcement on residential roads
and their argument seems to be that it costs more than it brings in but if you have a Sustainable Street/CPZ then they can use the revenue from parking permits to pay for parking enforcement.

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Posts: 23
Joined: May 2020
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09-05-2023 12:35 PM

Hi Paul,

I get it. Financially, it makes sense to go this route.

But it's a new plan and which we as residents, are all part of. It feels problematic to determine who will be eligible for parking permits.

I have little faith in the system, consultation will be mostly performative, hence why I would ask what would be the councils' criteria not to proceed with such a scheme.

As much as I would love not to have to use a vehicle, I can't haul all my load tools and equipment on the bus to the various places across London. Whilst a CPZ is great for those who are able to pay for the additional level of taxation, it causes issues for anyone visiting, such as tradespeople or any visiting further than public transport will cover.

It is now so bad now I say to clients that if they can't arrange to park (visitors permits/dispensations), they will be charged £60 a day to ride the ticket. There's no consistency across boroughs, you don't get much work done playing musical vehicles between each bay every 2 hours.

If we are working towards a 20-minute neighbourhood (and please communicate that if we are), like those in Japan, then we seriously need to understand that it works because of the extremely mixed and diverse zoning there. We don't have this here, everything is concentrated regionally

It's already a serious financial commitment to own a vehicle, I feel there is a misconception by "the white cycling middle-class man" (a term that came up during the row over LTN ) that driving in London is an exorcism of choice and largely unnecessary. There is no data other than the average journey times, which is not granular enough to determine what was the reason for travel.

It makes me laugh how much everyone hates vans.......until they need to move a piece of furniture or have something delivered.......THEN we are your best friends!

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09-05-2023 08:28 PM

Frankly if we didn't have a car living here would be misery because whenever due to engineering work we have no trains I need a lift to Canada Water to get the train to work.
The Busses are pretty rubbish and often overcrowded plus more often than not they seem to change the destination on the 176 part way through the journey and stop at Waterloo or Aldwich

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