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ZIP Car parking (illegal) GF71 KFZ
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07-06-2022 09:18 AM

If you use the Zip Car service, Registration plate number GF71 KFZ, can you at least return the car to the local Zip car bay, but DON'T park across someone's drive and leave the car there blocking it, and it transpires you've finished your hire of the vehicle and dumped it, because you're an irresponsible, arrogant, selfish so and so.


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07-06-2022 09:40 PM

You could telephone 0333 240 9000 (open 24 hours) to tell Zipcar where their car has been abandoned. I think they will come and collect it.

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07-06-2022 10:04 PM

thanks, have had it dealt with. ThumbupThumbsupThumbupThumbsupThumbup

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08-06-2022 06:13 PM

what do you estimate the chances of the driver reading this thread are?

1 in 100,000?

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12-06-2022 03:04 PM

Glad it has been dealt with.

It's very difficult when someone parks inconsiderately.

I'm glad ZipCar (presumably) resolved this issue and it is to be hoped reasonably promptly too.

It's worth knowing ZipCar run two forms of hire options.

The first is "Round Trip" where the vehicle is booked for a specific time and duration and is picked up from and returned to its specific bay.

The second is "Flex Trip".

This means the member searches for available vehicles in the location of their choice and books the vehicle via an app.

There is no need to specify the duration of hire and the member is free to park the vehicle (legally at a minimum) and off-hire it in any Zone that ZipCar covers geographically.

In many cases ZipCar have specific arrangements with individual Boroughs about what parking restrictions are applicable and must be observed.

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13-06-2022 01:42 PM

It took Zipcar 7 hours to resolve the matter, primarily because Zipcar took the details but failed to send the email to the third party removal company (Lantern), so what should have been dealt with in "90 minutes" ended up taking much, much longer, all day infact.

But hey, to boot whoever had hired the car and left it where they did, got two things;

i) a severe reprimand from Zip Car, (which is described as a club of members)


ii) courtesy of the outsourced Lewisham Parking mafia man on a scooter, a £65 parking fine.

I'm guessing someone won't be repeating that little parking misdemeanour any time soon. Hopefully they also got the bill from Lantern, having too come and move the vehicle after the parking fine had been applied. I can't see Zipcar taking the costs of either of those.

For those that don't know, and I didn't till I googled it, Zipcar is not British and it's part of the Avis Budget Group. URghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

. WowThumbsupWowThumbsup

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15-06-2022 08:26 AM

ZipCar certainly is now part of the international group.

Its origins in the UK started with StreetCar (I am certain there was an intermediate company too - can't remember its name) a UK entrepreneurial start-up.

In its nascent stage it relied upon people volunteering dedicated parking in their property (driveways and the like) before UK Local Authorities embraced the concept of Car Clubs and began allocating dedicated bays on public highways and car parks.

From the outset it was a keenly priced very local service and I was an early adopter in a phase when we reduced our vehicle possession from two cars to zero. The price of a one-hour hire equated to the cost of a local taxi fare and was extremely useful for things like the large weekly shop run.

The concept of flexi-trips emerged with smart-phones, apps and emergent new technologies and is a fairly recent addition to the service.

It is regrettable that samuelsen's experience was unacceptably disruptive.

It is worth saying that the service remains popular and indeed may be viewed as an integral and essential part of an exercise that results in a significant reduction of car ownership where too many "owned" and under-used cars sit idle and parked on our highways with minimum mileage.

ZipCar do impose financial penalty on members who do not obey rules (there are not too many) and in the instance of FPNs - pass them onto the member for payment along with a service charge. Members who prove to be consistently unable to follow rules can be expelled and lose use of the service.

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