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SE23/ are no more
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25-05-2022 12:07 PM

Thank you - I should also have added "...apart from this post itself..." in my narrative for the purposes of precision.

The number of posts on here on the subject are dwarfed by the thousands of posts and reads over multiple threads on other forums. Many from posters who had experienced unwarranted aggression at the hands of the individual being discussed.

And they are in the past. In forum-world most things over thirty days old are often viewed as ancient and forgotten history.

Good luck to us all in the hope that we do not return to those days.

There are plenty of contemporary topics that deserve attention and a peaceful existence on here.

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26-05-2022 05:45 PM

"Seems strange to me that SE23 closing and EDforum rumored to be finishing whats the common problem, Personally sad to see local websites closing always helped big time. Will be missed."

I used to visit ED forum a little, and this one a lot, still a little, over my dead body, but I pretty much just gave up on all the local forums after the toxicity from .life.
It poisoned how I felt about the whole postal area. These things are easily done.

If .life flooded ED forum too with fake accounts and venom, then I can well imagine it never recovered either. It is not snowflakery, but people just have better things to do with their time than take this on. Or clean up the mess, I guess.

As for, maybe the main backers finally realised it was doing more harm than good for the area. Or maybe the project could only work if done at scale and perhaps people from other areas were more selective of who they 'got into bed with'.

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27-05-2022 02:06 PM


EDF: "The time, cost and effort to run it clash with my life and day job meaning it's too hard to run, so something has to give." "Due to personal reasons, is sadly closing"

Perhaps you won't take those at face value.

I strongly disagree that .life "was doing more harm than good for the area" and (I could be incorrect) but I don't believe .life has had any impact on EDF...

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27-05-2022 03:11 PM

Facebook and Nextdoor have become the default way to talk local issues in East Dulwich, although EDF continued to have a group of regular users.

.life started off well, but the fact that certain prominent local people either left of their own accord or were blocked didn't help. By the time I started posting again on .life, a whole new group of locals were on there and I found by the end that it was a terse place to post on. Almost as bad as EDF got.

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29-05-2022 08:29 PM

Trouble is Not everyone is on Facebook.
(for instance myself and my husband are not...and I know many others who aren't on it)
Ditto Next Door....I find those kind of sites ask too much personal information and just dont feel good about signing up to them.
Personally I much prefer forums like this to catch up what's going on in my area.
I am saddened to see that despite the demise of this Forum still seems very quiet with a lack of engagement.

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29-05-2022 08:59 PM

Forums seem generally quiet all around this little patch.

All the .life sites (it max'd out at three) had diminishing contributions.

Dead cats and missing dogs and cyclist disputes barely kept them going.

Perhaps this ol' site will enjoy a dead cat bounce.

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