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'Friendly' or 'Divisive' bots
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14-09-2021 02:34 PM

It would seem to me that the local twitter bot account which promises 'friendly retweets' about SE23 related topics may not be entirely automated as it has started editorialising content and adding commentary. I know a thing or two about AI and this bot is definitely not artificial or intelligent.

In fact these bot things are usually inherently dumb, mostly using keywords and some filtering to exclude things like swear words or even some people's posts. So I’m somewhat perplexed to see that it has somehow weaponised itself against people who have dedicated time and effort to serving the local community (for example outgoing councillor Leo Gibbons)

In my personal opinion, it’s not a retweet if you’re adding your own commentary to it. I think it’s wholly inappropriate to lure people in with the promise of ‘friendly retweets’ only to then be subjected to personal vendettas and attacks. And this bot has done it to a whole host of people.

Mind you, it’s Twitter so take it with a pinch of salt - the bot is perfectly entitled to run his own garbage spewing factory. Look out for similar accounts doing the same thing e.g. ‘Perry Vale’ and ‘Dartmouth Road’ and make sure you have plenty of popcorn to put the salt on. The bot seems to be having a very long involved conversation with himself about me for pointing it out. Sad.

Despite claims to the contrary not once have I mentioned anything other than the bot itself which seems to be suffering from a serious malfunction. Is this the AI gone wild we were warned about?

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14-09-2021 07:20 PM

The botmeister is pleased with all the attention he is getting from the many folks pointing out what a deceit his 'friendly' sockbotnet is.

Despite hostility against the SE23 bot [...] the bot actually got attracted new followers today.. What an own goal by the haters. Love always triumphs over hate

That's the best we can do is to point to the sockbotnet. People reading the botnet tweets can make up their own minds the truth who the hater is. It's all there in his own hand. He makes out he is triumphing. You decide if he is truly blind to what you and other people see.

It makes me sad. I can't hate him or his clever bots. I can only suggest he is doing his reputation and prospects no good. But I know he can't accept or even imagine that. Tragic.

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15-09-2021 12:12 PM

It is common knowledge that Chris Beach has been expunged form every forum in our locality.

To crown Chris Beach's ignominy his personally selected candidate to take over the owning, running and ongoing censorship of SE23 and SE26 dot lifes, peremptorily expelled Beach from his former fiefdom.

The new regime slowly and inexorably fails to grasp common sense and rejects advice on how to manage and run an open and transparent forum. To the very distinct and measurable harm to the forum and the shrinking number of participants who will not engage therein as they do not feel safe from unwarranted attack, not least from owners, past and present.

Yesterday the new owner deleted posts from those he continues to classify as dissenters, bypassing the rules of his own board and attempted to threaten some voices into silence.

The new owner's former mentor and benefactor is generally disrespected and disregarded in our community. Rightly so.

Chris Beach's downfall is entirely of his own making and he continues to spiral downwards whilst clinging to bots linked to SE23 that the new owner cannot wrest from Chris's control.

He has weaponised the bots whilst masking them in a falsified benevolent info-sharing mantle.

Chris uses them, along with some of the other 30+ fake identities he deploys, to make new lists of the mendacious multi-points accusatory lists in the style that he created and posted at the height of his greatly abused infamy.

His latest list, complete with inaccuracies, was posted on Twitter and he makes immediate nonsense of his attempt to adopt a halo'd stance.

"It’s good to see the FHSoc chairman, Claus Murmann, and admin of the old Sydenham forum, Stuart Grove, have been forced to take their hate-posts to the defunct old se23 forum, where they belong

Once again, proves itself the better place.

"SE23_Chris @SE23_Chris· 22h
Despite hostility against the SE23 bot by #FHSoc “exec” members Claus Murmann, Jason Kee (“starman”), Tim Walker (“ThorNogsen”) and divisive Cllr Leo Gibbons, the bot actually got attracted new followers today.

What an own goal by the haters

Love always triumphs over hate [Smiling face with 3 hearts

There needs to be a correction of Chris Beach's understated and long list of people, estimated to be between 30 and 40 people, he has previously attacked and branded as haters.

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15-09-2021 03:02 PM

Yes I do guess some of the 30/40 people do hate him. He has given them good reason. But does anyone here actually hate 30 or 40 people from our own or ex-community? That's quite a feat and says a lot.

Read his stuff if you are not blocked. It says more than I can about him. I can't hate him - I can only pity the situation he has created for himself when it could have all been very different if he had tried to work with people rather than against them.

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16-09-2021 08:03 AM

My post about the bot was simply a public health and safety warning, it's not meant as a hateful thing, it's a simple fact to point out that the bot is not a bot, it's a person and they're using the 'friendly bot' account to attack people. If anyone thinks facts are attacks then they clearly have something to defend.

The fact that the owner seems to feel the need to launch a barrage of attacks from inside his little echo chamber blockfest is a bit sad, but really best not to pay it too much attention as it mostly bounces of his own walls. I don't think most people care anyway and it's not worth linking to either, whereas close to 1000 people subscribe to the SE23 branded bot in good faith, hence the heads up. It's like watching children's TV with the shower scene from Psycho spliced in every now and again. The bot bio should come with a health warning.

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16-09-2021 11:16 AM

Thanks for the warning clausy. Many people are innocently following this bot (and the many others based on local street names in Forest Hill and Honor Oak) but may not have spotted this. And agreed with StuartG, this is all a bit sad - really didn't have to be this way.

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17-09-2021 08:56 AM

Here's his public advert for his bot technology. Posted without bias.

.png File  se23botnet.png (Size: 95.67 KB / Downloads: 340)

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16-10-2021 08:03 PM

Unless you happen to be a fox?

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