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All Inn One - July 2019 - plans withdrawn
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25-07-2019 08:37 AM

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Cllr Liam, here you return to where we have awaited a coherent and meaningful response from you since November 2018.I choose to make my response on

You and I have crossed swords in this debate previously. It would be disappointing if this had negatively influenced your views and stance on this matter.

And with an oddly triumphal rejoinder “Good news about the All Inn One. Officers have recommended refusal of the latest application”.
Where have you been. You promised us all on that after your deficient narrative in the post alluded to some inaccuracies about the landlord selling the Rutland Arms and the realities of the failure of the Perry Hill that you would provide a fulsome response from you explaining your error.

Do you remember this:

.jpg File  LiamC Two.jpg (Size: 61.37 KB / Downloads: 299)

You say that MOST of what I say is factually correct. You plan to refute my position but you can’t because it’s late and you have to be exact about what you say.

This is what we got instead, ”A dismissive lot of ‘woulda’ ‘shoulda’ ‘coulda’ on here but largely speculation”. Do you speak to your own constituents in this fashion? Sure as sugar is sugar in this part of town, we expect our elected members to deliver what they say and expect polite replies to polite questions. Do you have an explanation for your behaviour?

.jpg File  LiamC Three.jpg (Size: 25.4 KB / Downloads: 363)

The All Inn One redevelopment application was withdrawn before the Planning Officer's report was published. Can a copy be put in the public domain please?

I suspect your behaviourally deficient approach means we won’t see or hear from you for another seven months.

But I have an offer for you. Redeem yourself.

Have you been in All Inn One since November 2018? It was at that time you launched a campaign to resist the pub’s redevelopment, even though there was provision for a replacement pub in the new plan.

Where are the 450 CAMRA members who answered your call to sign a petition? Are they invisible - those kinds of numbers of new customers get noticed by the locals you know. They have not turned up. But possibly you don’t know – you are not a local or at least not a regular, are you?

So, you invite us to “please get in touch if you wish to join the campaign to permanently prevent the loss of this fine pub”. I invite you to visit the pub. Spend some money. Even better make it a planned visit, preferably with our local elected members present and have a chat and get a more balanced view..

The Forest Hill Society has prepared substantial proposals for the redevelopment of Forest Hill Town Centre and the new pub and new hotel would have been a good fit along with the additional hotel proposal and housing and retail developments on the South Circular.

On the matter of your incoherent commentary on The Perry Hill establishment “The message has also gotten [sic] out to others….” and subsequent speculation that “presumably he has recognized that his policy of running the pub down and letting it rot - literally - may no longer procure the planning application for housing that he may well have been expecting” is possibly actionable.” Do you realise how damaging that is without offering any proof of this being the case?

Most importantly do you realise your statement makes you look very prejudiced?

Interestingly you still remain silent on your mis-stated and inaccurate tale about the sale of the Rutland Arms.

So what have you been doing in the intervening period?

Your rambling and deficient paper Preserving Lewisham’s Pubs presented for consideration to the council failed to gain traction and did not secure its objective. Not least because of your failure to include any factors which addressed how successful and hardworking publicans make the difference.

What positive solutions do you propose that address that deficiency?

You should not forget that such decisions and your generalisations deeply impact lives of real people who have worked tirelessly to develop their businesses that serve the local community.

Do try harder. Come and visit the pub and its regular custom.

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