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What Chris Beach Did Next
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Joined: Jul 2019
Post: #141
07-07-2021 05:33 PM

Chris Beach continues stalking from Tunbridge Wells:

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Post: #142
08-09-2021 01:05 PM

Once more the former “ ” forum owner has created another sock puppet on that forum.

This takes him over the thirty or so such creations he hides behind whilst attempting to inflict his vile revenge for being expunged from not only the forums he once owned but expelled from every local forum in our local geography.

His desire to inflict ill-thought through petty vengeances on those whom he perceives to have wronged him, persist.

He used another of his Twitter ID's to launch a paralleled barb.

He has not grasped how much he is vilified and disregarded by the great and the good in and around Forest Hill.

Periodically, he regurgitates his falsehood that somehow he was wronged whilst he was masquerading as FlavaBaker, generating a whole range of lies about his role in that self-penned farrago, and was making determined efforts to persecute and falsely criminalise a local lady resident.

He begs for incriminating evidence to be removed from local web-pages.

Apparently, it impacts on his character references when potential employers discover them in even the most basic of web-searches when they do what modern employers do - check the web as part of their due diligence on the character of prospective employees.

He offers no apology for his past and many misdeeds and makes no promise not to use sock-puppets or to repeat his attacks on innocents. He continues to persist with his mis-placed belief that people will surrender in the face of his unwarranted threats.

He has partially wiped his history where he has control - unfortunately it is so voluminous and so much of it outside his control - he cannot eliminate all of the evidence of his vile utterances.

The only consistency is the certainty that he will repetitiously work his futile anger up to such a pitch that he will create another such sock-puppet and launch further abhorrent and meaningless doses of nastiness.

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Posts: 10
Joined: Jul 2019
Post: #143
02-10-2021 01:29 PM

More right-wing bile from SE23 exile Chris Beach. Tunbridge Wells, we feel your pain.

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Post: #144
16-10-2021 07:59 PM

The drugs are strong with that one.

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