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Democracy review
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Cllr Sophie Davis
Lewisham Councillor

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07-01-2019 01:34 PM

Hi all,

Lewisham Council is carrying out a “democracy review”, looking at how we can make decision making more open and transparent, and include as many residents as possible. The Council has created a dedicated website which you can find here -; it includes a short survey to gather your views about the Council’s performance and what could be done better. Please circulate it and take a minute to complete it - the deadline is 27th January.

Councillor Sophie Davis

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07-01-2019 01:58 PM

The real problem with democracy in Lewisham is democracy itself. An elected body with councillors from a single party and no opposition isn't a good thing. Nobody in the chamber to ask the difficult questions or hold the single party to account.

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07-01-2019 09:07 PM

Agreed it’s a one party statelet. This didn’t bother me overly when I was young as they were on the correct side of the spectrum but as I get older the lack of any good opposition in all political spheres is troubling. It’s has been enough to make me vote green for some time now little good it does.

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No Longer Registered

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30-01-2019 10:55 PM

If this consultation is like every other Lewisham consultation the questions will be skewed to give the answer that the Council want.

You don't need a survey to work out that one party has run the Council for something like 40 years. That doesn't feel like a particularly healthy democracy to me.

Which brings us to questions like why are Lewisham's secondary schools so appalling after 40 years of continuous socialist leadership?

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31-01-2019 12:50 AM

As others have said, they are unaccountable for their actions as LBL remains a one party non democratic state.

Now what they should explain but they won't, is why the Chief Exec was forced out of post after six months in the job, only to be quickly snapped up by another borough. so clearly he must have been good a good candidate to get the job in the first place and then by the other London Borough (and how much was the pay off that council tax payers have had to stump up?)

LBL happily waste money needlessly but then cry they don't have sufficient funds to provide services the community needs and requires. To make up for the inefficiency they then duly increase council tax year on year. We pay MORE and what do we get, even LESS. And before someone starts blaming central Government, LBL needs to look at itself.

What LBL actually needs is pulling a part, division by division and then being put back together. Local Government are jobs for life with great pensions, so somehow I can't seem them doing that to themselves.

Yeah, democracy review, keep on taking the dreamies.

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