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My favourite place of worship in SE23
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09-11-2007 10:17 PM

Clearly one tree hill is the pretiest Christian place of worship, there is a less well known Hindu temple almost next door. But I do think that the JW's have done a nice job on their place in David's road.

As a non-believer it would be helpful to know of any places that I can worship and also your favourite place.

Just found some good pictures of churces in our manor (or parish):

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09-11-2007 11:17 PM


I think I may have taken a fair few photos of churches in my time, they seem to be feature of the area.

Not sure what I did to deserve the mention, however, but glad you enjoy them!

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10-11-2007 07:46 AM

Non-believer of what, what is it that you want to worship, Baggy, if you don't mind my asking? And didn't you used to have an "occasional thread" about such places?

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10-11-2007 01:15 PM

Most of the beautiful old churches in the area have been converted into posh apartments and living space - not a bad thing if it retains the local landscape. In fact these old churches are part of the wonderful views of Honor Oak and Forest Hill and partly what make the area feel as if it hasnt changed for a hundered years or so. It was only the other day, as I walked down Manor Mount I marvelled to myself how lovely the view was. A bright autumn sun shining through the golden and partly dressed trees that line the grand victorian houses, beneath the church spire high above. Walk through Horniman Gardens (behind the bandstand) and you will see another classic view with church spire in the distance. Doubt very much if you can actually worship in any of these churches but you might be able to buy a one bedroom apartment for ?250k! Serves you all right for not worshipping on a Sunday any way.

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10-11-2007 02:30 PM

There is something odd about a lecture on worship from someone called Zeus! Rofl

I've come to the conclusion, after walking around most of SE23 already (reference the blog that BaggyDave listed above) that Christ Church on Church Rise/South Road is very much the centre of Forest Hill for the simple reason that pretty much ANYWHERE you go in this area you get a different view of the spire. Of course, geographically it is not the centre, nor is it in the older/posher area on the other side of the tracks, but it is the reference point that emerges.

It is now one of those churches being converted to flats, so once again a symbol of what is happening in Forest Hill today.

I'm sure many will disagree, but even the Horniman (which may be the main draw for visitors) can only really be seen only from London Road as you drive past and very few other locations (one of which happens to be from in front of Christ Church).

My vote for the place of (ex)worship goes to Christ Church.

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11-11-2007 12:31 AM

": geographically it is not the centre, nor is it in the older/posher area on the other side of the tracks."

It may be posher on the other side of the tracks, but if I remember correctly, Steve Grindlay's tour earlier this year started at this point, as it is has the oldest reference in the area - the Domesday book records this area as Pikethorne, and the flats on South Road carry the name today.

And geographically it is not far from Forest Hill Centraal either.

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