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NCT classes Forest Hill
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25-10-2016 07:33 PM

I am pregnant with my first child and have just enquired about NCT classes. They're much more expensive than I thought! & while I'm happy to pay if they're worth it I wanted to see if anyone local had any experience.

I know it all depends on the group and the teacher, but did you find them useful?

My main reason for wanting to do them is to meet other local new mums as I don't have many friends that live locally who will be on maternity leave at the same time.

Many thanks


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26-10-2016 07:46 AM

Hi Jenny
Congratulations, first off! We're a few months ahead of you, as our daughter came along nearly two months ago.

We used NCT, and can definitely recommend it. Our trainer - a woman called Annie - was excellent; full of insight, balanced advice and warm encouragement.

While other friends have reported mixed experiences with NCT, one thing they all agree on is the value of the support network it gives you. We are constantly in touch with our NCT friends, and having a range of people all going through the same thing as you is so useful. Any questions, worries or frustrations can be shared in a way that people not in the same boat as you won't be able to put up with!

So, yes, I'd advise taking the classes if you can afford it.

Good luck!

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26-10-2016 10:07 AM

Hi Jen

We're in the same boat! I'm due February and when I looked into it I was really surprised by the cost too. They do an 'essentials' type course which is a bit cheaper but the nearest was in Beckenham rather than Forest Hill so I just bit the bullet and booked the main one.

Like you I'm keen to meet locals who will be on mat leave. Everyone says it's essentially buying friends but worth it for that!

When are you due?

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26-10-2016 03:16 PM

They are worth it just to meet other middle class families who live in the area. (which is almost impossible to do until you start attending school).

In terms of the classes themselves, well that comes down to each individual couple. Some find it useful, others useless.

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17-11-2016 06:02 PM

I've only just noticed the replies to this thread. Sorry I wasn’t ignoring you – I just assumed I’d get an email with the replies.

Thanks for all your advice. We’ve gone ahead and booked the course.

@Thorners I’m due early April so a bit behind you but keen to meet other local mums when I’m on maternity leave! Let me know if you want to swap details and maybe meet up sometime for a coffee.

Thanks again.


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